Memory Monday: Lexi-Toto

I have had three sessions of acupuncture and B12 shots for my hip. Since my last visit, I have been running around like a puppy, up and down stairs and all over the place. Until today. I woke up hurting. Mom called the vet and Dad is taking me Wednesday morning for another treatment. I don’t mind going to this vet. They are super nice to me and feed me so many treats I don’t even notice what they are doing. In the meantime, I got another hydrotherapy (bath in the jetted tub) and a buffered aspirin. Mom sat in the tub with me and said she was very proud because I didn’t even shake this time. I just have tomorrow to get through until I get some more relief with the acupuncture.

Now, about Memory Monday. Since several of you expressed your delight in reading about my times as Lexi-Toto, and since I never tire of thinking about it, I have decided to share more stories of those years. My career spanned three productions over the period of eight years.

As I’ve mention, the first production – the one in Chattanooga at the Theatre Centre – was my favorite. Here are some of my first thoughts about the experience, posted during that time.

A local bakery donated biscuits in the shape of hot dogs with a hole in the center so that a stick could be put through them. You know, so it would look like a hot dog being roasted over a campfire. Mr. Marvel would lower the stick while he was talking with My Dorothy and I would run and pull the hot dog biscuit off the stick. The audience loved it. Then Mr. Marvel always chuckled and said, “What’s a sausage between two friends?” Or something like that. One time I was still chewing when My Dorothy grabbed me up into her arms and swung sharply around to try to head back home before the tornado. That was right when I was opening my mouth to chew, and pieces sprayed all over stage. In a subsequent scene I made sure to clean the stage!

It wasn’t all fun and games and treats. There were those dreaded flying monkeys. When they started screeching and flying – yes flying – at me I would run as fast as I could across the stage, heading for my kennel dressing room. Most of the time Mom would catch me and hand me over. Traitor! Didn’t she know those monkeys were terrifying? At least I was compensated each time with an extra treat from the head monkey, who had to run back out on the stage with me when the scene changed. That’s when everyone found out I wasn’t a water breed. When the wicked witch told him to take me and throw me in the river, he would always fumble and I would leap from his arms and, this time, make it straight into my kennel dressing room.

Sunday afternoons were fun shows. There were always lots of little people and they adored me. After the show, folks were allowed to come up and have their picture taken with some of the cast. They could ask for who they wanted in the picture with them, such as Toto, or Dorothy and Toto, or the Lion and Toto or the Tin Man and Toto or the Scarecrow and Toto or Glenda and Toto. They usually asked for My Dorothy and Toto. Even then I loved having my picture taken! That’s how we met my Auntie Jen. The story goes something like this: Jen saw my picture in the newspaper and said, “How did Piper’s picture get in the paper?” When she read the article she found out that my cousin Piper and I came from the same breeder. She e-mailed the breeder and got my Mom’s e-mail address. They started corresponding like that until my almost Auntie Jen came to see me perform. It was an instant friendship between us all, and we are now all family. Isn’t that super neat? I don’t know why people think you have to be born into a family to BE family. After all, both my Mom and I were adopted and we couldn’t be more family! Same with my Auntie Jen…I love my Auntie Jen.

I think that’s all I can tell you for now. My hip is starting to hurt again and I need to rest. Next time I will tell you about receiving the Annie Award, about attending other plays at the theater, and maybe even about my second time playing Toto, two years later. I’ll have some pictures to show you, too. In the meantime, if you get lost, just remember to follow the yellow brick road.

My all-time favorite thing…the stage. And this is a montage, so it counts as one picture, as Noodle said!


Lexi, the Toto

22 thoughts on “Memory Monday: Lexi-Toto

  1. That iss good Lexi….yur getting thee hole ‘rest’ fing purrfectlee!!!
    It doess take sum practice. Mee tearss around thee apartment like a ‘crazypantss’ also….then mee hertss meeself an LadyMum just shakes her head an *sighsss* DEEPLEE!
    So mee iss tryin to beehave also….
    Wee will get thru all thiss together Lexi mee furend….
    ~~~head rubsss~~~ Siddhartha Henry~~~

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am trying. I did not run up and down the stairs at work today, even after my accupuncture, and I did not run to the bottom of the yard to help get the mail after we got home. I am trying. Thank you my dear friend for the good advice. You keep trying too and together we will get better. ❤

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  2. Mew mew mew Lexi yur jus tlike mee!! You must pace yourself an not run like a pup…mee doess that also an then mee hertss an LadyMum shakes her head an syass, “Dhartha why you runnin like a crazypantss??” *sighsss* Shee has a point…..
    So you were TOTO??? Pawsum…..yur an Act-tress…..mee knowss a *star*!!!! Mee-yow mee iss impressed!
    ***paw kissesss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

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  3. Ohh Lexi, great you’re running around like a puppy and the acupuncture needles will help again on Wednesday. Mom is giving Kali a half a Cosequin capsule for cats. She mixes in the dust with the crumbles of freeze dried chicky boobs. Kali loved it. Yet Kali won’t eat her food very well when the Cosequinn is in her food. Besides she developed problems with her stool….too loose. She had the half a capsule for the first time today and was out walking with mom and I and even running around on the lawn. I don’t know how long this capsule takes to show results but she was a little terror today. I’m sure it takes more than a few hours.
    You as Toto is awesome and I remember how much you liked playing the first Toto better.


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  4. Lexi,
    I love reading about your memories as Toto and I look forward to reading more about your time on stage.
    I’m sorry that your hip is hurting again. I’m so proud of you that you didn’t shake when you had a hydrotherapy session. I’m guessing having mom in the tub with you helped a lot. I hope tomorrow goes fast so you can get to your appointment on wed and relief.
    Giving you a gentle cuddle.

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  5. Maybe you should not be running around like a puppy. Give everything a chance to get better and slowly get back into your routine. We hope that you feel better soon. It is nice to know a famous star of the stage.

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