A Happy Riddle

Riddle: What does a rag + a gauze pad + duck tape + a baby sock + safety pins=?


                        NO MORE COLLAR OF SHAME

Dad took me for my wonderful acupuncture treatment today. Dr Karen, who is my favorite vet in the whole world, said the wound where my nail was removed was slightly infected. She put me on antibiotics which also doubled as the second round of antibiotics for the bacteria giving me bad breath. Dad said we couldn’t drive all the way to Illinois with my breath like that. My BFF Dr. Karen also said I could lick my wound a little and it would be ok, but not a lot. I am like a sugar addict with a bowl of frosting when I start licking. A little is never enough.

Mom knows how much I hate the lampshade thingie, so she thought up this scheme to make it easy to change out the dressing without me losing all the hair on my right lower leg. Yes, she has had to cut the hair from the duck tape every time she changed the dressing, which she claims is why she started making me wear the dreaded e-collar.  Mom permanently (well, it sure does seem permanent) attached a soft rag around my leg just above the knee with white duck tape. Then she pulled a pink striped baby sock that she found at the Dollar Tree (2 sets of 2 sock for $1 – go wild Mom!) over the gauze square that she had placed around the toe end of my foot. Then she pulled the baby sock up to the rag and safety pinned it in place. Now all she has to do is unpin the sock to change the gauze. I got it off in the first hour when Mom used regular paper tape to attach the rag to my hair. So we are back to white duck tape. Or is it duct tape? Franklin, will you weigh in on this? Franklin?

So, a trip to Illinois. Dad’s rude comment was the first and last I have heard about a trip. I love trips. My Grandma Sandy lives in Illinois. I will let you know more when I get the low-down.

19 thoughts on “A Happy Riddle

  1. Yur Mumma iss BERRY clevurr an thee pink sockss are a nice touch! Antfing iss better than thee lampshade necklace! That fing iss weerd isn’t it Lexi????
    An yur Pappaw iss a bit forward talkin bout yur breath……mew mew mew…..
    Mee hopess you get to see yur Aunty an has a safe trip….
    ***paw kissessss*** Siddhartha Henry xXxXx

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  2. Franklin said, and I quote, “Ducks are strong. Therefore, it is DUCK tape!”

    I am so sorry you have to wear such ridiculous concoctions that only a Mom could think up. Hey, maybe she could get you one of those inflatable doughnut e-collars? They actually look pretty comfy. Think of it as a luxurious pillow! I hope you have a great road trip! *ear licks*

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