Road Trip

Dad picked us up at the church and we left for the North right after work on Thursday. We drove a few hours before stopping at a different hotel than we usually use. Mom said it was a lot less expensive and it wouldn’t hurt to try it. It’s name was Baymont. We used to stay at the one called Holiday Inn Express. Our Baymont room had one of those beds as big as Kansas. It was so big I could sleep in it all night without even touching anyone. So I took advantage of that and curled up in the bend of my Dad’s legs.

In the morning I waited in the room while Mom went out to hunt a chicken so I could have my usual on-a-trip scrambled eggs. Apparently Metropolis, Illinois doesn’t have chickens because she came back empty-handed. We all piled back in the car and a couple of hours down the road stopped at one of my favorite places. You guessed it – Mickey D’s! Mommy got out a bowl and poured some kibble, and green peas in it, then topped it with lots of scrambled eggs. Hallelujah, someone must have found a chicken.

For lunch, Mommy and I had hot dogs.

For me? Let me taste it.

For me? Let me taste it.

OMD! I want it!

OMD! I want it!

Bring that hot dog back here!

Bring that hot dog back here!

























After my hot dog, I got really thirsty.


It started snowing about 30 minute before we got to Grandma Jean’s house. Thankfully, it hadn’t started sticking on the road yet and we pulled safely into her garage before the blizzard hit. More on that and my visit later.

I am Lexi: have hot dog, will travel.

17 thoughts on “Road Trip

    • Almost! Mom took a bite of mine, and tore off some of the bread. Later, I spent some time trying to get past Dad’s legs to eat those leftover hotdog bun pieces. It really was great and, if you couldn’t tell from the pictures, a huge suprise to me.


  1. I can’t let my kids read this post. They are deprived. There are no eggs or hot dogs in the house. If they don’t eat the dog food, they don’t eat. I had too many spoiled Scotties before these three and once people food went into their dishes, live was not the same.

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  2. I’m glad you made it to your Grandma’s before the storm hit. I’m not sure where in Illinois she lives but it’s a nasty day here in Northern Illinois. I’m glad Mom found some chickens so you could have your scrambled eggs. Have a fun time!


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