Super Dog Revealed

We headed home on Wednesday morning and drove about nine hours before stopping at our new friend, Baymont Hotel in Metropolis, IL. While Dad was checking out of Baymont on Thanksgiving morning, I decided I would drive for a while. Dad came back and said, “No.”

Can someone work the pedals for me?

Can someone please work the pedals for me?

It seemed that we had already escaped the cold of NW Indiana as it was already 60 degrees at 8:00 in the morning.



So, instead of getting right on the Interstate, we decided to look around. Everyone seemed to still be asleep as we cruised by old, but well-kept homes, to the city’s small downtown. We saw a giant statue of Superman and lots of gift shops. If the name Metropolis sounds familiar, it is because it is the home of Superman, as well as…







Since we work at a Methodist Church, and since Mom and Dad didn’t seem to be in any hurry to get home, Dad took 1126150759a shot of us in front of the Methodist Church across from the city’s newspaper, the Planet. The church was founded in 1853! We sent the picture of us as well as one of the plaque with the information about the church to our friend, Pastor Evelyn, to say Happy Thanksgiving.








She took my kibble away.

She took my kibble away.

I'm so bored.

I’m so bored.

We finally got back on the road. My food dish was in the back seat, and it contained only dry kibble. In protest, I used my nose to try turning over the bowl. Mom told me to stop, so I tried harder. More loudly, she again told me to stop, so I tried even harder. She kept getting louder and so did my efforts until Dad broke out laughing at us both. At that, Mom reached back and removed my bowl of crap food from the back seat.
We finally made it back home in time to cook steak and squash for Thanksgiving supper. I sat at the table with my peeps and had a bit for myself. I can hardly wait for Christmas…Riley and my peep brother Andrew are coming home and I bet there will be lots of good food!

19 thoughts on “Super Dog Revealed

  1. Mew mew mew Lexi that was funny ’bout theebowl of cwap…kibbull……
    Wee iss glad you had a safe trip an saw so many nice placess!! Yur one travellin doggie!
    ***nose kissesss*** Siddhartha Henry xxx


    • I will take steak over turkey any day. I am so sorry you didn’t get anything. What were your peeps thinking, not giving you anything? Maybe you should come to my house for Christmas, us dogs always get a good holiday meal. Riley, well, I am rather curious to see how much he has changed. I just hope he doesn’t bring one of those pigs with him, unless, of course, he is planning on having lots of ham!

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      • Mmmmm steak! My peeps? Clearly they were NOT thinking. Greedy peeps. Christmas away from home? Ummm…Uhh…Hmm. No, no. I think I’d be sad without my Mom and Dad. And my stocking! Who would get what was in my stocking if I was gone??? Nope. Can’t risk it.

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