Coyote alert

Today was a better day. I went to work with Mom to the Methodist Church. Some people I had never met came in and I didn’t growl, not even once! It is after Christmas and I am still trying to be a good dog. When I need to go outside there, Mommy insists on putting a leash on me. There are lots of neighborhood posts about coyote sightings. Mom said it’s one thing rescuing me from another dog, but it would be quite another trying to snatch me out of the jaws of a wild coyote. Although I agree, sometimes my nose leads me toward the trees, hence, the leash.

I also went to the children’s hospital today. One teenage girl was a good petter, plus she seemed to really want or need me there on the bed with her. I kept snuggling in closer, and when Mom said it was time to go I pulled back and tried to make myself really heavy so she couldn’t move me. Miss Lois, the hospital worker,  was as surprised as Mom, knowing I had never done that before. That made the nice girl smile, so I sat with her a little longer before I told Mom we could move on to the next child.

This was our last day of work for this entire year. I was so excited all day, knowing Bogie, the parti colored cocker, was going home tonight. Can anyone say Hallelujah? In line with my resolution to be good, I let him sniff me all over. He started sniffing in – yes, in – one ear, worked his way around my face, shoving his nose in my beard, and finished in the other ear. At one point he even tried to stick his nose in my mouth, but I kept it firmly closed.  He left a little while ago, after Mom cleaned up more pee and poop. Mom promised he won’t be back to stay, just to be groomed.

Finally, I am an only dog again. Hmm, I wonder what Riley is doing tonight…

See the #fireworks I created by blogging on #WordPressDotCom. My 2015 annual report.

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Source: See the #fireworks I created by blogging on #WordPressDotCom. My 2015 annual report.

Flooding and Another Dog in the House

Christmas night wasn’t the best around here. As of last night we have another dog “boarding.” I’ve seen Bogie (actually, I have smelled him) come here from time to time to be groom. This time he didn’t leave. After he got here last night he was so nervous he had “intestinal upset” in the house. Mom got that cleaned up only to find that the groom room was flooding from all the rain. Mom and my brother Adam spent a lot of time with a mop, towels and a shop vac trying to get up all the water. It was coming in as fast as they worked, so Mom finally quit and went to bed.

Today was better. All the water had mysteriously disappeared from the groom room floor, sort of like it had never happened.  Weird, huh?And so, with her work space once again usable, Mom groomed Bogie. She was careful to keep her voice soft and sweet so she didn’t upset him. She figured this out this afternoon after she yelled, “Stop!” when he was about to step on a big spider and, as if on cue,  liquid poo squirted out of his butt.  We have gone through a lot of paper towels so far this weekend.

Here’s the thing though. Gracie does not like Bogie. I actually heard my sweet little friend growl at him – several times. He bounces around like a Tigger dog and just doesn’t know when to quit. Hey, Noodle, you feeling my pain, sweetie?

Mom decided to open Bogie’s new can of tennis balls and try to wear him out a little. The ground is very soggy and muddy, so they played in the house. I even grabbed the ball away from him once!

Bogie had a ball!

                   Bogie had a ball!

Bogie has taken over the couch.

          Bogie has taken over the couch.

Bogie won’t eat, not even with meatloaf and other good stuff crumbled up in his food. However, he tried to stick his head in my food bowl and it was my turn to growl. At least he understands what “grrrrrrr” means. OK, so he is probably a nice dog, but he is just so obnoxious. Gracie and I have decided to just stay away from him.


Gracie decided her kennel was the safest place right now.

Anywhere but where Bogie is.

Anywhere but where Bogie is.

I think that if Bogie keeps refusing to eat all the wonderful food in his bowl, Mom should just give it to me. After all, isn’t wasting food a sin? I know there’s something about poor hungry dogs somewhere in the world, not having enough to eat, who would love to have this food.  It only seems right that someone should eat this food, and I don’t see why it shouldn’t be me. If you agree, put up your paw! Anyhow, Bogie Wogie is here until New Years Eve…pray for me to survive!

My Stats (and I don’t mean my weight)

–Although I have lost 5 whole pounds. Do you realize that was something like 20% of my entire body weight?

Remember this? I did it!

Remember this? I did it!

What I do mean, is that Noodle, my most excellent boyfriend, asked his Mom to show my Mom how to see where in the world people are reading my blog.  Mauritius? I had to look it up.

United States 1840
Canada 284
United Kingdom 93
Australia 77
New Zealand 32
Brazil 31
Zambia 13
South Africa 9
Argentina 6
Netherlands 6
Italy 6
Spain 6
Hong Kong SAR China 4
France 4
India 3
Germany 3
Malaysia 3
Philippines 2
Mexico 2
Colombia 2
Costa Rica 2
Slovenia 1
Mauritius 1
Portugal 1
Pakistan 1
Belgium 1
Israel 1
Morocco 1
Greece 1
Ukraine 1
Estonia 1
Poland 1
Singapore 1
Puerto Rico 1
Mozambique 1

Four people from France…hmm…I wonder if any of them are my friends from France who came to my house and ate supper with us a few years ago. Even trying to use my considerable counting abilities, I had to ask Mom to tell me how many countries are listed. She said 35. 🙂

Sharing is Caring

Gracie and I have started sharing. I let her eat some of my food right out of my own food bowl and gave her my blessing as she did. She let me sleep in her very own kennel that is in my Dad’s office.

Me sharing Gracies kennel

                                                             Me sharing Gracie’s kennel

And now, in keeping with my resolution to be a better dog, I share a blessing with you:

See that you are at peace among yourselves, and love one another. Follow the example of good dogs and cats of old and God will comfort you and help you, both in this world and in the world which is to come. In His Holy name. Amen.

I am Lexi, the good Episcopalian/Methodist dog. (Do you think Santa Paws will see this?)

Too much Gracie


Why, Mom, why? Just because I growled a little bit at some people at work on Tuesday…I didn’t think you meant it when you said Gracie would come Thursday if I did that!

I laughed this morning when Mom tossed Gracy into the tub before work and gave her a good bath. I was so lost in the moment that I didn’t stop to think what that might mean. Yep, she went to work with us. I was not at all happy about that. She rode in my car, she ate my food, she drank my special water and she got all the attention that should have been mine. I growled every time someone pet her instead of me. Mom says I am my own worst enemy. I don’t know what that means. The pastor’s 8 year old daughter was there today and she played with Gracie and took her outside and took her in the pastor’s office to watch a show together. Then she thought she could be all nicey-nice with me after that huge betrayal. I wasn’t having any of it. Dad stopped by and Gracie thought she could have all his attention too. I was so upset  that I managed to get out the door and took off. Mom had Gracie on a leash  and was holding the door open for Dad to move some big stuff into the church, so she couldn’t exactly chase after me. She took Gracie to her office, hollered for Dad, and by the time they got outside to look for me I had decided to return, since it was drizzling rain. Mom was so mad she swatted me with the leash as I tore up the stairs. It hurt my feelings more than anything, and I knew I was in deep trouble now. Mom had a lot of work to get done, which meant that I only got a short lecture this time.


By the time we got in the car to head home Mom was in a better mood, the sun was shining and I didn’t even care if I had to share the front seat with Gracie.  I’ve been thinking, and I realize that I have to change my attitude to keep my job as the church dog. I think it will be a better night. I hope it’s just me and Mom going to work tomorrow.

Love and kisses to all. May the Lord be with you. (I am practicing.)

This Little Piggy Went to the Dog Park

The weather today was perfect: 72 degrees and slightly overcast. What to do on a day like this? Dog park! So off went me, Mom, Dad and Gracie.  I was sniffing all around the little dog side of the park – I am sure we went to that side because of Gracie – when things got interesting. This is what showed up.

I think he was a dog, not a pig. He sure sounded like a pig. I may need Riley to verify that for me when he gets here next week. (He is now the pig expert in the family.) Did you know that the tops of the water drains on the Cathedral of Notre Dame in France are made to look like a French bulldog? Yep, that’s your trivia for the day.

Memory Monday – Wizard of Oz Part 2

Let’s see, where was I in recollecting my first experiences as Toto. Ah, yes, we had just met my now Auntie Jen.

Auntie Jen and cousin Piper

Auntie Jen and cousin Piper

In theater, there is something called a green room. It is where the cast can sit and rest between scenes, but most especially between the first and second act. I usually showed up about 15 minutes before the show started since I didn’t need makeup or wardrobe. It would be just in time to warm up my voice with everyone, as I previously posted. Besides, it was fun to see the stage manager sigh with relief every time I walked tore through the back stage door. One evening as I ran toward the warm-up room I smelled, then saw, someone walk in with baked goods and place them in the green room. During the entire play I couldn’t stop thinking about that. Now let me mention that as unlikely as it may seem, there are a few scenes that I am simply not supposed to be in, such as when Uncle Henry and Auntie Em can’t find me or My Dorothy after the tornado. It was during one such scene that I could no longer control my urge to eat those baked goods. Unfortunately, they were on the far side of the stage. Sure, I could have taken the long way around behind the back curtain. Bwahahaha! Who are we kidding? Even I know the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, and that line took me straight across the stage. Like a good quarterback (my peeps brother Andrew watches a lot of football so I understand a bit of it), I made it through the first line of defense as I exited the stage, intent on my goal. The second line of defense closed in on me just before I could round the corner and devour what was calling me to it like a siren song. So I didn’t get my baked goods and Auntie Em was mad at me. 😦 Mom wasn’t very happy with me either, but gave me points for speed and determination. Points? She could have just given me baked goods.

I ran so fast everything became blurry.

I ran so fast everything became blurry. (reenaction)

In June I posted some Memory Mondays about my time as Toto. If you missed them, you can read them here. I was going to tell you all about winning my Annie Award, but that is included in the June post, too. I guess Mommy’s name is also on the award because she was my stage director.Annie Award

Mom actually made a schedule of when I was supposed to be on stage with cues and stage sides to enter and exit. If you are interested, you can see it here.

2nd Production of the Wizard of Oz (WOZ):

Early in 2010 I got called to star once again as Toto in a WOZ production at a convention center called the Colonnade in a town called Fort Oglethorpe in North Georgia.  I blogged about it at the time, also. Go ahead, click the link, it is safe. I got left out of the playbill, if you can believe that! I mean, who leaves the star out of the program? I wasn’t too happy about it, but Mom was steamed!

This time the director didn’t have a plan for what scenes I could be in or how much I could be on stage. Having had some experience at this, Mom called the shots for me. She let me go on stage a lot more, but not when it would have hurt the story line. She still had my playbook all marked up with when and where I was to enter and exit. Apparently, direction and routine appeal to her as much as they do to me.

I didn’t understand why there were long gaps between each scene as the sets were changed. At one such time I was with Kandis the Dorothy behind the curtain, bored with waiting and peeking out to see what I could see. Suddenly I spotted my Auntie Jen in the audience! I glanced back at Kandis, who was distracted with texting, and made my break. For the first and last time in my career I forgot the stage actor rules and tore down the stairs and into the middle of the audience, leaping right into Auntie Jen’s lap. I was wiggling all over, wagging my tail and even gave her a hug. She was beaming. I could feel the happiness radiating off of her. People in the seats near her were asking if I was her dog. “No,” she replied, “this is my niece.” ❤

We went to the Star Awards ceremony, which was held at the Colonnade. I fully expected to get another award, but those people forgot all about me – again. I made my point by running up on stage while Kandis (Dorothy) was singing Over the Rainbow. Would you believe she had her eyes closed and didn’t even see me! So I trotted backstage, lickity split, where they were setting up the food for after the awards. If I wasn’t going to get an award, I sure was going to get something out of being there. I came back out as she was finishing the song and this time I know she had to have seen me because people were chuckling. When she looked down, I slipped her and went back to the food. She came after me, though, and acted so very glad I was there. We went to the lobby and she wanted me to run with her and play with her, but I just wasn’t into it.  I was a bit bummed, no award and all, and I just wanted to get back to the food.

When the play was over, I did a final blog about it.

“Stay tuned” as they say, “for my final Oz blog the first Monday is January!” Great story! Great pictures! It is all about me!”

I (still) am LexiToto.