Sharing is Caring

Gracie and I have started sharing. I let her eat some of my food right out of my own food bowl and gave her my blessing as she did. She let me sleep in her very own kennel that is in my Dad’s office.

Me sharing Gracies kennel

                                                             Me sharing Gracie’s kennel

And now, in keeping with my resolution to be a better dog, I share a blessing with you:

See that you are at peace among yourselves, and love one another. Follow the example of good dogs and cats of old and God will comfort you and help you, both in this world and in the world which is to come. In His Holy name. Amen.

I am Lexi, the good Episcopalian/Methodist dog. (Do you think Santa Paws will see this?)

11 thoughts on “Sharing is Caring

    • Quick cuddles back. I sure hope Santa Paws notices. And I hope I can remember this lesson and keep making people happy. I love making the kids in the hospital happy, but never thought about making my family and co-workers happy, too. It is rather rewarding. Someone at St. Luke has even started bringing me treats!


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