My Stats (and I don’t mean my weight)

–Although I have lost 5 whole pounds. Do you realize that was something like 20% of my entire body weight?

Remember this? I did it!

Remember this? I did it!

What I do mean, is that Noodle, my most excellent boyfriend, asked his Mom to show my Mom how to see where in the world people are reading my blog.  Mauritius? I had to look it up.

United States 1840
Canada 284
United Kingdom 93
Australia 77
New Zealand 32
Brazil 31
Zambia 13
South Africa 9
Argentina 6
Netherlands 6
Italy 6
Spain 6
Hong Kong SAR China 4
France 4
India 3
Germany 3
Malaysia 3
Philippines 2
Mexico 2
Colombia 2
Costa Rica 2
Slovenia 1
Mauritius 1
Portugal 1
Pakistan 1
Belgium 1
Israel 1
Morocco 1
Greece 1
Ukraine 1
Estonia 1
Poland 1
Singapore 1
Puerto Rico 1
Mozambique 1

Four people from France…hmm…I wonder if any of them are my friends from France who came to my house and ate supper with us a few years ago. Even trying to use my considerable counting abilities, I had to ask Mom to tell me how many countries are listed. She said 35. 🙂

9 thoughts on “My Stats (and I don’t mean my weight)

    • Thanks, Noodle honey. You could try the green bean diet. Tell you Mom you want the canned ones without any added salt. Well, you probably WANT the ones with salt, but you NEED the ones without. You should lose all your extra weight before you get tired of them. I did. Now I am on to canned carrots without added salt. Yum. Only a few more calories per serving, per Mom.
      Merry Christmas to you, too, honey. I may have lots of “lookies” but only one boyfriend! ❤

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