We were right about Bogie

Gracie went to work with Mom today and didn’t come back home with her tonight. I didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye to my new friend. I hear that her Mom and Dad were overjoyed to see her after their three weeks in Germany. I will miss that little sprite.

Before she left this morning she found a perch where Bogie couldn’t get her. Originally, she was on the windowsill, but had moved by the time Mom grabbed her phone.

gracie by plant

    Keep that maniac away from me.

Tonight Mom got out the broom and knocked Bogie’s tennis balls out from under the couch so we could play. I was playing my usual way, growling and snatching the ball from Bogie, when he attacked me!  I kid you not. He was all over my head with his teeth and on top of me with his body and I was screaming and Mom was screaming at him to stop. She finally grabbed him up by the scruff of the neck and threw him – yes threw him – into the kennel. Mom held me for a little bit, but I recovered quickly knowing I was safe. He didn’t actually puncture my skin, so I am ok. Next, Bogie had the nerve to complain about being in the kennel. That was the proverbial last straw for Mom. She grabbed up the broom and banged it so hard on the top of the plastic kennel that she broke both the broom and the kennel. We haven’t heard a sound out of Bogie since. No pictures of the incident, but aren’t we all glad that Mom didn’t stop long enough to photograph that bad dog trying to rip off my head? Mom promises she won’t let him stay here again.

24 thoughts on “We were right about Bogie

  1. SQUAAAAWK! In your report on the annual report, you have me coming from corkscot. I’m from kylascott.com. The dogs at corkscot are smart enough to not have a feisty parrot around.


  2. Whoa. I’m speechless. I’m so glad you’re okay. I know how this all played out. It happens almost once a day here between Molly and Macy, or Molly and Jamison, or Macy and me. Everything happens so fast and then mom freaks out and swears this will never work. Every. Single. Day. Then a few minutes later, everyone’s playing again. Only-child life was much easier.

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