Coyote alert

Today was a better day. I went to work with Mom to the Methodist Church. Some people I had never met came in and I didn’t growl, not even once! It is after Christmas and I am still trying to be a good dog. When I need to go outside there, Mommy insists on putting a leash on me. There are lots of neighborhood posts about coyote sightings. Mom said it’s one thing rescuing me from another dog, but it would be quite another trying to snatch me out of the jaws of a wild coyote. Although I agree, sometimes my nose leads me toward the trees, hence, the leash.

I also went to the children’s hospital today. One teenage girl was a good petter, plus she seemed to really want or need me there on the bed with her. I kept snuggling in closer, and when Mom said it was time to go I pulled back and tried to make myself really heavy so she couldn’t move me. Miss Lois, the hospital worker,  was as surprised as Mom, knowing I had never done that before. That made the nice girl smile, so I sat with her a little longer before I told Mom we could move on to the next child.

This was our last day of work for this entire year. I was so excited all day, knowing Bogie, the parti colored cocker, was going home tonight. Can anyone say Hallelujah? In line with my resolution to be good, I let him sniff me all over. He started sniffing in – yes, in – one ear, worked his way around my face, shoving his nose in my beard, and finished in the other ear. At one point he even tried to stick his nose in my mouth, but I kept it firmly closed.  He left a little while ago, after Mom cleaned up more pee and poop. Mom promised he won’t be back to stay, just to be groomed.

Finally, I am an only dog again. Hmm, I wonder what Riley is doing tonight…

19 thoughts on “Coyote alert

  1. Well dun Lexi!! Yur a grate Furr-apee doggie!!!
    An to snuggle thee gurl more iss so sweet ❤
    Pleeze lissen to yur Mumma an wear yur leash…coyotess are snarlee an scarey an they can hert an even kill katss an dogss. They have a different nature to us….
    Pred-aturss LadyMum callss them…. *shudderss*
    **nose kissess** Siddhartha Henry xxx

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  2. We are glad that you are a single child again. Nice work in the hospital. Mom never lets us go off leash outside. She is very strict. She says that she loves us and doesn’t want anything to happen to us.

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    • Thanks, my friends. You have a good mom making sure you are always safe. I don’t usually need a leash unless we are walking on or near the road or in the hospital. I know Mom is just keeping me safe from the big baddies! 🙂

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  3. You really finished off the year right, L. Good, tolerant behavior AND making a hospital girl smile and feel special. Can’t ask for a better last day of 2015 than that! Happy 2016.

    Love and licks,

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  4. Lexi, I am so proud of you for not growling when you went to work with your mom!
    What a special pup you are to know that the girl at the hospital needed some extra love and Lexi time. Happy New Year to you and the rest of your family.
    Giving you a cuddle and mom a hug.


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