Meeting a beautiful schnauzer

What a time of it I have had. All the boarders (both of them) finally left and I thought I was on easy street. Mom and I had a great day at home by ourselves on Saturday, doing laundry and stuff. “By ourselves” reminds me that my Dad had been missing for well over a week. No one would tell me where he was. I finally gave up and decided it would be just me and Mommy. Next thing that happens…Mom pulls out a suitcase and starts packing it. Then she pulls out my bag and starts packing it! Yay! We are going for a trip.

We were all ready to go when Auntie Jen showed up. She helped put Mom and my stuff in her car, but I wouldn’t go near it until Mom got in. I wanted to be sure she wasn’t sending me off by myself. We spent a nice evening at Auntie Jen’s, and at bedtime I got a bit confused. Instead of going home, Mom lifted me into a big bed and crawled in next to me. This would have been alright, except there was another person and her schnauzer in a bed just across from us. I stood on the bed and stared at them, but they did not seem threatening. In fact, the other person looked a lot like my Mom and was getting under the bedcovers at the same time. The other dog was a rather attractive schnauzer and looked very intelligent, so I just kept staring, as she stared back. Mom had already turned off the lamp but there was enough light coming in the window from the moon that I could see they were still there. I watched them as long as I could keep my eyes open. Apparently the beautiful dog in the other bed was also tired, as she sank down into the bed at exactly the same time as me!  We both closed our eyes and went to sleep.

Mom was up early the next morning. Hmmm. Strange for a Sunday, but everything was strange by now. We went downstairs to the kitchen where Mom finally explained to me where my Dad had been for so long. His uncle -who was also his mentor – was dying. Dad had driven our car up to a place called Fort Wayne in the state of Indiana to sit with him. Uncle Don did die, Mommy explained, and she was going to join Dad for the funeral. She went through the mind thought of suns rising and setting to help me know how long she would be gone. Then, she and my Auntie Jen went out the door without me!know she had explained everything, but I didn’t believe she was leaving me!  Auntie Jen finally came home, and my Mom wasn’t with her. I was so upset, I wouldn’t even let her touch me. I just cowered down every time she came near me. I know she felt bad, and I was glad, because she took my Mom away and left her somewhere. I didn’t want her to get ahold of me and do dog-only-knows-what with me, too.



I have a new Uncle Bill who lives with Auntie Jen. I stayed in his lap a lot when he got home from work at night. I also spent a lot of time in the big backyard with my cousins, Piper the schnauzer and Ella the part boxer. We ran and ran and smelled the bunny holes and squirrel droppings and all the other wonderful smells. We chased each other and even played tug of war with a drain pipe that I think Ella might have torn off the house. I dug holes and got my beard filthy. It all helped take my mind off of possibly being an orphan. I still hadn’t forgiven Auntie Jen.


     Piper (L) and Me

Finally, after supper on Wednesday night, Mom and Dad came back to Uncle Bill’s. Mom withstood Ella trying to knock her down to swoop me up in her arms and let me kiss her all over her face. I was so excited I shook all over. Then Dad held me and pet me too. My family was back!

This morning I went to work with Mom, but that’s a story for another day.

14 thoughts on “Meeting a beautiful schnauzer

  1. I’m so sorry about your Uncle Don. You know I had something happen to me one night when I went to lay in bed – a dog that looked a lot like me was staring back at me. What do you think that all means? I’m sorry your Auntie Jen betrayed you. At least your mom wasn’t gone long AND she brought your dad back. *ear licks*


  2. That was scary Lexi. I hate it when mom and dad go away….it is horrible. What if they never come back? You are much more forgiving than I am. I ignore mom for a couple of days and then I can’t stand it anymore, I have to have her pet me and kiss me.


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  3. Please give your dad and mom my sympathy. It’s hard when someone we love passes away.

    Although you were scared and unsure, I’m glad you had fun exploring with Piper and Ella. I’m happy that you Uncle Bill made you feel better and I hope that after Mom and Dad came back you made up with your Auntie Jen. I can totally understand why you thought what you did but I’m sure your Auntie was sad that she couldn’t make you feel better. Hmm, I wonder if the good looking dog and person that looks like mom will be at Auntie Jen’s the next time you visit?
    Cuddle and hugs!

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