New bed!

Mom got me a new dog bed as a belated Christmas present. Sheesh. Doesn’t she know all I want is treats. On the bright side, I did help pick it out at the pet store. After trying most of the beds there about 4 or 5 beds, I smiled when I sat down in this one. It’s a Martha Stewart original, with a reversible bottom cushion. I didn’t understand at first why she put it on the floor at the bottom of our bed. I wouldn’t go near it. Why would I sleep there when I have a queen size bed with lots of blankets?

Still not too happy about this.
Still not too happy about this.

This morning Mom said my bed at the Methodist Church – where we work two days a week – is too big and in the way, so this will be my new work bed. When she brought it into our office this morning I still wasn’t sold on the idea. I tried it but soon went and laid down in the spot nearer to Mom that I like best. Mom finally had the light bulb moment and moved the bed along the other wall, which was near to her, as well as more out of the way – of the door to the mini-fridge, that is!

This might be better.







I thought I had better try it out a little longer.


What? No, I wasn’t sleeping on the job!


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