After work Friday, Mom and I met Dad in a restaurant parking lot. I knew it was a restaurant by the smells. I thought, “Finally, the lawmakers have moved into the age of enlightenment and I can now partake of fine dining somewhere other than at home.” Sure, there’s always Mickey D’s takeout.

Mmm, smells good!

Mmm, smells good! (from my last birthday)

But even when you throw in an ice cream dessert for my birthday, it’s just not the same. I only know this because of the one and only time I was allowed to enter a real live restaurant. See https://lexitheschnauzer.wordpress.com/2012/03/03/oz-was-almost-real/.

But no, instead of us all going in the restaurant, Dad hopped in the car with us – and I was very glad to see him, despite the aforesaid disappointment. We drove to the local Toyota dealership to see a man about a car Mom found on the internet. Apparently, our Toyota Avalon is starting to fall apart and my peeps say it is too old (13 years) with too many miles (almost 300,000) to sink over $4,000 into it.  Quite frankly, I would be glad to have another car since the air conditioning has totally stopped working in it and, with temperatures in the mid and high 60’s,  I have been panting. Now, before you judge me as a spoiled lover of comfort, please remember that I am a black dog still wearing a winter coat. And I go to work with Mom almost every day.

The young fellow’s name was Curry (he,he), and he fussed over me a lot. He said his lab just crossed the rainbow bridge and he misses  him a lot, but he is at work too many hour each day to start with another dog right now. I am glad I could help his need for canine contact. After Mom and Dad and I took the Lexus for a test drive, Mom told Curry we would all think about it and let him know the next day. I really didn’t understand this, since I could tell during the test drive that they really, really liked and wanted this car. It had everything on their “must have” list as well as their “would like” list”, and I could feel how excited they were. While we were saying goodbye to Curry, out of the blue Mom asked, “Did you go to see the Wizard of Oz at the Theatre Centre a few years back when you were a kid?” When he said he did, Mom pointed at me and said, “Meet Toto.” His eyes got so big and he shook his head like he didn’t believe it. Mom had to reassure him it was true, and he said that explained a lot about my perfect behavior. *smiles*

So, this is Sunday, and you can see where that car is parked today (Ok, maybe not. It is in our garage at home.)

Get in Mom so we can go somewhere.

Get in Mom so we can go somewhere.

You're taking too long. Maybe I can figure out how to work this thing.

You’re taking too long. Maybe I can figure out how to work this thing.

Mom wanted to name my new car Lexi the Lexus. Dad said no. So now, since it is a Toyota Lexus, she has named it T-Lex. Bwahaha. Daddy thought that was only nominally better, but she has already told the car that T-Lex is it’s new name, and it is king (or queen) of the road! Yeah. I don’t think she can take that back.

I am Lexi the schnauzer in T-Lex.

Our Valiversary

Valentine + Anniversary = Valiversary.

That’s what my sweet Noodle and I have today. My crew worked really hard to come up with something special enough for my fantastic guy. Well, most of them did, anyway. I finally decided that anything short of the personal touch would not be enough, so I brought on some so-called experts. They wasted no time checking out different internet sites, did a search on “love” and found that women sometimes dance for their guys… and their guys like it.

big dog eyes 1 bigdogeyes3 bigdogeyes 2

big eyes collage

After the crew did more research, there was a massive scrubbing of computers. I’m still not sure what happened. So…

I did my own dance for you, honey.  Mom helped me dance while Dad recorded it for you. There were times I was dreaming of dancing alone, just for you. I hope you enjoy my personal present to you:. (Be sure to keep watching when the butterflies appear at the end!)

Valentine’s Preparations

Today we have all been hustling (he, he) (OK, tomorrow you will get my little joke) to prepare for the day of love. Mommy and Daddy helped me first thing this morning, and what fun we had! I sure wish I could tell you about it, but then it would ruin Noodle’s surprise. I’ve been in an extra-good mood all day from it, though. I had forgotten how much I like to d…oops, almost gave it away there!

While Dad was continuing to work on Noodle’s surprise, Mom started working on Daddy’s surprise. I helped by keeping Mom company and eating the stray apple peel.

Mommy's love pie

                                                    Mommy’s love pie

We don’t know yet if it tastes good. We have to wait for Daddy to get home from his band gig, and Mommy says it will be so late that we may just eat it for breakfast!
Here’s the recipe if you want to give it a go.

Our Upcoming Valentine Anniversary

Dear Noodle,

I have been thinking for a while about what to do for you for our Valentine Anniversary. Yes, one year ago Sunday you asked me to be your Valentine, and I have been sweet on you ever since. Saying “yes” was a good decision. I thought and thought, and finally called on the crew to come up with some ideas. They all got on their computers to try to help me give you the best Valiversary ever.

The schnauzer team is working hard on this. No, no, not ON the computer!

The schnauzer team is working hard on this. No, no, not ON the computer!

I even recruited a poodle to help with the “oodle” side of you, as well as someone who looks like she is related to my friend Ella.

No! Get OFF the computer! Good help is hard to come by.

No! Get OFF the computer! (*sigh* Good help is hard to come by.)

I have to hop off here for now to review the drafts before the conference call. I can’t wait for our Valiversary! Love and kisses!

Your girl, Lexi ❤

A Typical Day at Work

We went to work to the Church on the Mountain this morning. First things first:

Finding just the right spot.

Finding just the right spot.

Waiting at the back door.

Waiting at the back door.

In case you were wondering what is on my left foot in the first picture, here’s more of a close up. Oh, just a reminder, you can always click on a picture to make it bigger Mom is now making me wear a baby sock on the foot that had surgery so that I can’t lick it.








I hurried down the hallway to see my Auntie Carrie. Since she brings me both yummy treats and my very own special lunch, I have made her my official Auntie. She packs me a lunch with chicken, broccoli, carrots, and other yummy stuff that even Mom approves.

Outside Auntie Cary's office

Outside Auntie Cary’s office

I always forget Auntie Carrie doesn’t work on Fridays. I resisted entering Mom and my office – which is in the next door –  until I was positive Mom wouldn’t open Auntie Carrie’s door to give me one of the treats Carrie keeps for me. Mom, I can show you where they are!

Outside Moms office

Outside Mom’s office

I finally gave in when Mom filled my water bowl with my special water.





I decided to rest my eyes, but soon left work for dream land.

I got too comfy.

I got too comfy.

I tried to stay awake after that, but it was hard with the heater on in the office and no little munchkins running through the hallway today. The day care center is just past our office but is not open on Fridays.



While I was asleep, my Auntie Jen sent this to Mommy.

I’m Home from the Vet – Well, most of me is

This has definitely not been the best day of my life. First Dad refused to give me my brekkies. Then Mom left me at the vet office and I got stuck in a cage. Next, someone stuck a needle in my arm and stole my blood. Then the vet called my Mom. I was hoping Mom would say, “Oh, I will be right there to get my precious darling Lexi.” Nope. When the vet called her two more times, I started to get worried. That didn’t last long – it’s hard to worry when you are first sedated, then knocked out by something running into your vein. While I was asleep the doc stole five of my teeth – Five! In one of the phone calls, he had told Mom that “at my age” there could be bone loss leading to loose teeth, but he wouldn’t know until he got the plaque off. Even though they all felt firmly anchored, the plaque sometimes holds them in place. So why did he take the plaque off?  Grrr. Ow, that hurt.

Remember that lump on my paw? Refresher here: https://lexitheschnauzer.wordpress.com/2016/01/31/potp-for-the-paw/ The doc found another lump between my paw pads on the same foot. Since it wasn’t directly beneath the lump on the top of my foot, he wasn’t sure if it was two separate tumors. He was concerned because the one on the top had grown so quickly.  When the doc got in there with his knife he realized that the one on the bottom had pushed up the thin skin between my toes and caused the one on the top. Or something like that. When he got them off he saw that even though the skin on them was thick, the inside was filled with a creamy liquid. He told Mom on his fourth phone call that it was a good sign and didn’t recommend spending the money on a biopsy. Finally, Dad picked me up and brought me home to Mommy.


While Daddy went back out to get my pain medicine, Mommy held me and rocked me and sang me to sleep. You know I was in pain to let her do that. But it was strangely comforting. During that time, Dad sent Mom a text:

I can’t understand why he still isn’t home with my pain medicine!

My blood work was mostly good, but my liver enzymes were “off the chart” high. Mom told the doc that she had warned me not to drink. Ha, ha. Silly Mommy, I have already gone through the 4 step program for Kahlua and Cream.

Step 1: I ask for it.

Step 2: Mom says No.

Step 3: Mom and Dad start calling it “special K”, like I don’t know what they mean.

Step 4: They stop buying special K. Drat.

Mom asked for a copy of the bw:

Dr. Smith said this can be a sign of Cushings, but I had a Cushings test a year or two ago because those same levels were high then, and it came back negative. I don’t have any of what’s called “clinical signs,” either. To help my liver, Mommy bought Milk Thistle. Dr. Karen is my acupuncturist, and she said this will help bring the ALKP level down.  I hope I get it in something good, like butter, or peanut butter or hamburger. Mmm.

Daddy’s home. Finally! Time to take my pain meds. I wonder what took him so long…

Memory Monday – Cat antics

Dear Friends,

I asked Mommy to run this for me while I am getting my teeth cleaned. I was shaking in the arms of the tech when Mom left…

It’s here again, friends, the first Monday of the month. This time I find myself thinking about the first time I found out that cats can be ok. I had never had much luck with them in the past. They either tried to kill me (Mom says I am a bit melodramatic with this) or got me in trouble by making me cross the street to chase them, or just scared me a lot. Let me tell you what happened to change my mind.

    (L-R) Piper, Marley, me

Mom went away and my BFF Auntie Jen picked me up to stay with her and her two schnauzers, Piper and Marley. Note: Marley no longer lives with Auntie Jen.  I didn’t know there was going to be a cat involved! But, sure enough, there was a cat in her house, big as day. Not only that, Piper and Marley played with her. Can you believe it? When the cat started trying to get me to chase her for fun, I didn’t trust her. I have been tricked like that before, and it never ended well for me. (At this point in my story, please imagine me rubbing my nose with my paw, tears in my eyes.) This crazy cat was so persistent about it that I finally couldn’t help myself – I chased her. Then she chased me, but not mean-like. She was kind of laughing, in a cat way. Then she let me chase her some more. I liked this cat. I drew the line on cuddling with her like little Marley did. I did cuddle with Marley, though. Everyone cuddles with Marley.The last night I was there both my dog friends went to stay with their grandmother and I got to snuggle in bed all night with their Mom and Dad all by myself – no other dogs to take the attention I should be getting. I hoped Auntie Jen would come and get me again sometime. The next night I got to stay with my Grandma and sleep under the covers with her and eat toast and jam the next morning. I loved my Grandma.

I was Lexi, the cat-playing, snuggling schnauzer.