Our Valiversary

Valentine + Anniversary = Valiversary.

That’s what my sweet Noodle and I have today. My crew worked really hard to come up with something special enough for my fantastic guy. Well, most of them did, anyway. I finally decided that anything short of the personal touch would not be enough, so I brought on some so-called experts. They wasted no time checking out different internet sites, did a search on “love” and found that women sometimes dance for their guys… and their guys like it.

big dog eyes 1 bigdogeyes3 bigdogeyes 2

big eyes collage

After the crew did more research, there was a massive scrubbing of computers. I’m still not sure what happened. So…

I did my own dance for you, honey.  Mom helped me dance while Dad recorded it for you. There were times I was dreaming of dancing alone, just for you. I hope you enjoy my personal present to you:. (Be sure to keep watching when the butterflies appear at the end!)

27 thoughts on “Our Valiversary

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  2. Thespian and Disco Dancer- you are full of talent! We are so impressed. Noodle must have been so happy. Please stop showing mom how poorly behaved we are. She is giving us grief. We don’t listen at all and you keep showing how talented you are.


  3. Oh my word! Lexi, this is the most absolutely incredible gift in the whole wide world. I have never felt so loved in my whole life. Not to mention Mom and I were both smiling ear to ear watching this. I’m so lucky to be loved by you.

    PS thank you Mr. Lexi’s Dad and Mrs. Lexi’s Mom for helping my girl.

    *ear licks*

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