Therapizing at the Children’s Hospital

Me and Lois

Me and Miss Lois

The last Thursday of every month Mom takes me to T.C. Thompson Children’s Hospital where I first meet up with one of my besties, Lois. I lead her to the play room to get my “start of therapy” treat.

Next, it is time to do my job. I have so many jobs – St. Luke, St. Timothy’s, T.C. Thompson –  and I always remember what I am supposed to do at each one. At this job, I smile a lot and work on making the sick and hurting kids smile. I never, ever growl at anyone. You might say I am like a marine at the children’s hospital – the best that I can be. Today, Mom asked if she could take some pictures, and Miss Lois said some of the children’s families had signed releases, so if they said yes, it was ok. I hope my visit helped everyone to feel better. ❤tct2

We are BOTH smiling.

We are BOTH smiling.

Afterwards, I am totally drained.




New Treats

Feel the love

Feel the love

Mom disappeared for a while today – I mean, she left the house without me. She came back with something special just for me!
If you enlarge the picture by clicking on it and look at the red writing, you will see it says, “Live. Love. Treat.” Now that is my kind of treat!






Whole bone treat in my mouth.

I found the entire “bone” fit into my mouth. I tried to chew it up like that, but the task proved to be beyond even my abilities. I had to eject part of it from my mouth to swallow.


A slight break in devouring my new treat.

A slight break in devouring my new treat.

Mom insisted on taking my picture. I refused to look at her. That’s ok, take my picture, but never my treat!

The Groomed, Hard Working, Not-Really-a-Bad-Dog, Decorating Schnauzer for Sale. What!?!

I am sorry I have not posted lately. Mommy and I have been very busy. I hope you missed me!

Exhibit H

Exhibit H for (my) Hair

First, grooming: Dad said, “Amy, wait until the end of March. The weather could change.” Does Mom listen to Dad? (You decide.) Mom grabbed me up early on a Tuesday morning before work and this is what happened before Dad could even sneeze.

Next, work: After I forgave Mom, I told her I would help her at work. It was a St. Luke day.

Here, do this paper first. Hey, what's that on your computer?

Here, do this paper first. Hey, what’s that on your computer?

I think I can work this mousie thingy!

I think I can work this mousie thingy!

I got my computer work done and I moved into guard dog mode. One of the “Parents Day Out” workers and kids started to invade our office, so I growled. “No! Bad dog!” Mommy said. I hung my head and felt bad. Then they came back and oh my, I just couldn’t help myself, I did it again. This time Mom grabbed me by my beard (I hate it when she does that) and really scolded me. She said that lady was terrified of dogs and, after nine months, was just starting to warm up to me, and I go and act like that!

I'm sorry Mommy.

I’m sorry Mommy.

Next, decorating: Mom finally forgave me and let me help her decorate for Easter:

I can't wait for there to be food on these plates!

I can’t wait for there to be food on these plates! Can you see me sitting patiently at the head of the table?

Dance, anyone?

Dance, anyone?

Now, selling: Dad gave Mom a whole bunch of old videos to sell. They mostly teach how to ballroom dance, but some teach how to do yoga, how to swim, and even how to do Irish dance! It took Mom a couple of weeks to list all these on ebay and Craig’s List, while I lay around staring pitifully at her. She’s finally done and starting to ship out the ones that have already sold.


You didn't put ME up for sale, did you, Mom?

You didn’t put ME up for sale, did you, Mom?

I am Lexi, the groomed, hard working, not-really-a-bad-dog, decorating schnauzer for sale. What?! Oh, only if you can get $10 zillion for me, Mom? Well, maybe I am safe, just maybe.

Memory Monday – WOZ Crew in Pictures

This month for Memory Monday I thought I would mix it up with a picture collage. Isn’t that why we take pictures, anyhow, to remember? This one contains never before posted pictures of my first time as Toto in 2006. You can click on the collage to make it bigger and easier to see.

The top left picture is, of course, the Tin Man, the Scarecrow and the Lion. The Tin Man got mad at me once because I got away from Mom during his big scene, his solo performance, and danced back and forth across the stage with him. The audience was laughing when it wasn’t supposed to be funny. He may have forgiven me by now. I never had much interaction with the Scarecrow. A man made out of straw is liable to flop onto you at any time, so it is prudent to stay your distance. The Lion was my buddy. He carried me a lot, especially when things got a bit scary, like in the Wicked Witch’s castle. He didn’t even get mad the time I gently reached over and grabbed his nose between my teeth while I was in his arms on stage. It was just an affectionate nip, which, as a fellow animal, he seemed to understand.

WOX Montage

In the top middle picture, that’s me in Dorothy’s arms, sandwiched between the two witches. I was fascinated by the wicked witch. She was scary mean when we were on stage, but so nice to me at other times. However, I managed to upset her once too. *sigh* She was sneaking across the back of the stage, supposedly unseen by Dorothy and company who were at the front of the stage. I ran off from Dorothy (which Toto was always doing in the movie) and started following and barking at her. She started waving her arm wildly at me to get away, which, again, got the audience laughing. I felt it was such a success that I included that in my performance every night. She never seemed to get used to it. *sigh*

The bottom left picture is of me and the costume person. I liked her because she never tried to put costumes on me. She said I was perfect the way I was. *big smile* Finally, the bottom middle picture is my brother Andrew, so proud of me after one of the performances!

This is Lexi Toto with lots of great memories!