New Treats

Feel the love
Feel the love

Mom disappeared for a while today – I mean, she left the house without me. She came back with something special just for me!
If you enlarge the picture by clicking on it and look at the red writing, you will see it says, “Live. Love. Treat.” Now that is my kind of treat!






Whole bone treat in my mouth.

I found the entire “bone” fit into my mouth. I tried to chew it up like that, but the task proved to be beyond even my abilities. I had to eject part of it from my mouth to swallow.


A slight break in devouring my new treat.
A slight break in devouring my new treat.

Mom insisted on taking my picture. I refused to look at her. That’s ok, take my picture, but never my treat!

15 thoughts on “New Treats

  1. I didn’t mean to hit like, as that is absolutely terrible and terrifying. Mommy said she will cut them up for me and watch while I eat them. Thank you for letting us know. 😦


  2. A treat called “mini” that’s too big to chew and swallow all at once?? That’s my kind of treat. Yum!

    Love and licks,


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