Therapizing at the Children’s Hospital

Me and Lois

Me and Miss Lois

The last Thursday of every month Mom takes me to T.C. Thompson Children’s Hospital where I first meet up with one of my besties, Lois. I lead her to the play room to get my “start of therapy” treat.

Next, it is time to do my job. I have so many jobs – St. Luke, St. Timothy’s, T.C. Thompson –  and I always remember what I am supposed to do at each one. At this job, I smile a lot and work on making the sick and hurting kids smile. I never, ever growl at anyone. You might say I am like a marine at the children’s hospital – the best that I can be. Today, Mom asked if she could take some pictures, and Miss Lois said some of the children’s families had signed releases, so if they said yes, it was ok. I hope my visit helped everyone to feel better. ❤tct2

We are BOTH smiling.

We are BOTH smiling.

Afterwards, I am totally drained.




21 thoughts on “Therapizing at the Children’s Hospital

  1. Lexi, Making people smile and helping them forget their challenges, even for a few minutes is a very important and special job. I’m so proud of you for doing such a good job!

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    • Thanks, Miss Margret. Miss Lois says that they have lots and lots of Goldens come to do therapy. It is in their nature to be loving and giving to everyone. Wednesday there was a Great Dane so big some of the kids were scared of him and one wanted to ride him cause he thought the Dane was a pony.

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  2. MOL…you are the bestest Lexi! I would like to do therapy too but mom says I don’t have the temperament to-do therapy with anyone…never mind seniors. However, Kali does. She loves peeps and is never abrupt like I can be. Mom is taking both of us out in a Pet Stroller, when she gets it and when Kali is used to the stroller, mom will ask the head of Extended Care if Kali could come in for a visit. There are dogs at the home but no cats.


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    • Hmmm. I wonder if cats have to pass a test to do therapy like dogs do. Of course, some privately owned nursing homes and such don’t require any testing, so that may be the way to go. Good luck with that, Kali, I hope you get lots of good petting. 🙂


  3. Great job Lexi. We have a place just around the corner that trains dogs for special purposes and I’ve met a lot of them. They are all so nice. I am pleased to know you. Woof! Ray.


    • Geez, Ray, I am pleased to know you, too! I was never trained to do this – I guess it just comes naturally. I DID have to pass a test before they would let me therapize, and at the end the different hospitals were fighting over who got me! BOL!!

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