Memory Monday Walk Down Puppy Lane

I am so glad Mommy has gotten better about taking pictures, because we could only find three pictures of me under one year of age.

Me as Miss Green

Me as Miss Green

My head in Ara's mouth

My head in Ara’s mouth

The picture on the left was taken by the lady named Becky who had my doggie mom and dad. I was about 4 weeks old here. She put different colored collars on us puppies so she could tell us apart easier, and we were all Miss or Mr (plus color). It also helped prospective buyers who got pictures of us on the internet.

The picture with the German Shepherd. Now that’ one for posterity, isn’t it? I had this silly game where I grabbed Mr. Ara’s lip and pulled it out until he screamed. It was great fun. One day I decided to do an alligator roll with his lip between my pin-like puppy teeth. He wanted me to clearly understand what would happen if I did that again. I am a quick learner, and since my head is still attached to my body, you can see I learned that lesson the first time. Mommy took this picture to help me remember.

My first toy in my new home

My first toy in my new home

My peeps brother Andrew came to meet me on my first day in my furever home. He brought me this lion hand puppet. I had great fun with it for years. One of my peeps – usually Mom – would put her hand in it and I would attack it! I was only 8 weeks old in this picture.

Six month old Riley with his new toys

Six month old Riley with his new toys

Bonus picture: Mommy found Riley when he was six months old – or at least that’s how old the vet said he was. She didn’t know his taste in toys, so she bought him a variety. He liked the bone best. Unfortunately, that didn’t stop him from chewing up our bedspreads, dog beds, pillows, and blankets.

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