21 thoughts on “When Will I Ever Learn

  1. That’s a toughie Lexi. I have problems with running away and you are too aggressive. There must be a happy medium. My friend up here is that way with men. She barks till she needs a muzzle…..not good and she is in obedience school! So its a tough one to control, Lexi.


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  2. Getting fired isn’t all that bad. You get to sleep in and collect unemployment benefits. It’s not for me, however. I love my job which is keeping everyone else in the house in line.

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  3. Hi Lexi – You tell your Mum that you have reasons to bark and growl and, given that she is supposedly the superior intellect, she must work out what those reasons are and then convince you that barking and growling is not necessary in those circumstances. Been there… done that …….. learned! Woof! Ray.

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    • Maybe so, Ray, but she says she cannot have me acting like that at my church workplace and I will have to stay home if I don’t learn fast. She is using the program Colin mentioned, but it doesn’t help when I am climbing the outside steps and see someone coming behind us.


      • It takes time buddy. Once my Mum and Dad knew what to do, it took me about a year to be consistently relaxed around other people and, even now, an odd person comes along who bothers me. My Dad says that he sometimes meets people who he is uncomfortable with for some unknown reason, so I think that I am pretty normal. Woof! Ray


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