I would like to forget the past 10 days

I have had a very unsettling couple of weeks. It all started a week ago when Mom was out late with my Auntie Jen and Auntie Jen’s fiance Bill and some more people who had come in from out of town to be in the wedding. They did something called “bowling” and something else called  “shooting pool.” Dad was gone to band rehearsal, so I was home all alone, and I am not used to that anymore.

The next day Mom left again early in the afternoon and Dad left again while I was eating my supper. That night, Dad came home without Mom! He told me Mom was staying at Auntie Jen’s with “the girls” all night before the wedding. Hey, I am a girl, why wasn’t I there. Piper was there, and he’s a boy! Piper drank some of Mom’s white wine to try to fit in with the girl’s night. How lame is that?

Saturday Dad left me all alone again, sneaking out while I was eating an early supper. It was wedding day for Auntie Jen and Uncle Bill and I wasn’t invited again! You can see how this would upset me. She says I am her favorite niece. Hurumph. Finally, around bedtime, Mom and Dad pulled back in and who did they have with them, I ask you? Piper and Ella! It wasn’t bad enough that Piper and Ella were at girl’s night and Piper and Ella were in the wedding. Now they were at my house! Ella came bouncing in and asked me to play with her. I. Said. NO. Then they got to eat in front of me, since they hadn’t had their supper yet. The final blow of the day came when they piled in the bed with Mom and Dad. I got out of what used to be our bed and slept on the dog bed on the floor.

Sunday was a bit better. After everyone got fed and let out to do our bizness, Dad left for church and Mom and I jumped back into bed and slept until 1:30 in the afternoon. We were exhausted. I was in a better mood after that and asked Mom to take a picture of me and Piper since I saw Pipes still had on his bowtie from the wedding.

Piper and Me

Piper and Me

Both Piper and Ella gave out early on Sunday from all the excitement the last few days – excitement I didn’t get to have. 😦

My exhausted friends.

My exhausted friends.


This is Piper, not me. I guess we really do look a lot alike.

Things started looking up for me Sunday night when Mommy shut Piper and Ella out of the bedroom. She told them they could sleep anywhere else they wanted in the house, but she needed a good night’s sleep. I took advantage of the situation and slept with Mom and Dad.

Monday, they were still here when Mom got home from work and they were rested and ready to play.


My Auntie Jen came and visited after work and, when she left, took her pups with her. Whew.

Along with everything that happened with the wedding, I started having trouble with allergies. Apparently it is allergy season in Tennessee. I never knew what people were talking about until this year. My ears have itched, my eyes have itched, and the paw that I had surgery on has itched. Even with the benadryl I was licking my paw until one knuckle started to get raw, so Mom taped the baby sock back onto my paw. I just sat in the kitchen and held it up and looked at her like, “Really?” “Yes, really,” she said. So I have had to contend with that since Tuesday night.

Speaking of Tuesday, my faithful readers know that I got in some big trouble at work. I growled at someone. Mom knows she needs to work with me on this and Mr. Colin gave us some good advice. She even had the treat jar outside the office for people to get into and give me a treat as they are coming into the office. Mom said she just has had too much to do to watch my every move at work right now, so, after I growled at someone else just before we left, I got put on disciplinary leave without pay! I had to stay home the rest of the week. Of course, some of that might have been because when Mom bent over to put me in the car Tuesday night, her back went out. And not out for a good time, either. She has been going to the chiropractor all week and said she just couldn’t deal with me and my stinkin’ attitude too.

Thursday morning I figured she had forgotten and would take me. Mom shook her head and explained to me again why I had to stay home. I just stood in the kitchen and hung my head. Dad begged her to take me – isn’t he a great Dad? – but she still said, “No.” So I have been stuck at home since Tuesday night.

Mom said she will post some pictures of the wedding when she gets them. That’s right, Mom, just rub it in. I sure hope next week is better. Love you all!

24 thoughts on “I would like to forget the past 10 days

  1. Oh no! You poor thing. That’s just too much going on in your home my little friend. You know you can escape and come camp out with me here at the Hotel Thompson. We can share my bed in my bedroom, lock the purr things out and watch my television with snacks. Always an open invite 🙂 XOXO – Bacon

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    • Thanks, Sammy. Mommy promised to take me to work this week, but it will be up to me to participate in her new “good dog” program. There is a potential for lots of treats, so I am going to try really hard.


  2. Oh no! We cannot believe what a terrible week you had! It is clear that you are suffering from neglect! You know there is a legal remedy for this in Blogville! You can bring charges against everyone who did you wrong at the Court of Common Fleas! Ernie the attorney can represent you! We hope this next week is better!

    Murphy and Stanley
    Mayorz For All Paws

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    • Neglect, yes, that is the word that describes it perfectly. Hmm, I am not sure I want to bring charges against my Mom or Auntie Jen. There may be repercussions. I think I will wait and see how this week goes and try to put the past in the past. After all, I am the Church Dog at two churches. Yep, that is my official title. I am going to turn the other cheek and hope there is a treat waiting there to fill it. 🙂


  3. Oh My Goodness Lexi, you’ve had a time of it. I hope this next week is better all the way around. Tell Mom I hope her back feels better soon too. Cuddles and hugs!

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  4. What a time you’ve had, Lexi. Personally I wouldn’t want to be in their stinkin’ wedding party anyway. They sound busy and not able to think of your needs…..like playing and generally causing a happy mess. Peeps get so caught up in stupid like events….no nip even! You were better off home and out of their way. As for the disciplinary measures….what can I say? Your mom has a point and kindness gets better results than yelling and hollering…..just stand by the treat jar….look at it and instead of hollering….eat!


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    • Hi Shoko. I would agree, but Mommy says that would be something called sour grapes on my part. I’m not sure what that means, but it doesn’t sound good. I am sure I would have been the center of attention if I was there. Hey, maybe that’s why I couldn’t go. Well, maybe I understand that. Maybe.


  5. Hi Lexi – Sorry to hear about your past few days. I am just soooo glad that I am the only one here! Regarding people giving you treats? That didn’t really work for me because when someone gave me a treat, and if tasted really good, then I would lunge and bark for another one. I know the lunge and bark routine doesn’t work on my Mum and Dad… but with others it might. Anyway now whenever I am nice to people, my Mum, or my Dad, will give me my treat. I guess that’s a pretty good arrangement. Woof! Ray.

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    • Hi Ray. No, I don’t lunge and bark at all. So I think this strategy will work with me, along with Mom being super aware of anyone being around and rewarding me all the time for my seriously good behavior. Sounds like a win-win, doesn’t it? I hope she will give me a second, er, third, er fourth, I mean another chance and take me back to work next week.

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  6. Oh my! You really HAVE had a cruddy last 10 days! I’m so sorry that you were left out of girls night, the wedding, and then put on disciplinary leave to boot. See? Vacation is necessary! I love you! Your guy… Noodle

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  7. OMGoodness, L. You really have had a time of it. Being laid off from work is the worst. ALLERGIES are the worst, too! And so is your mom at the chiropractor! Ugh. I am wearing my baby sock AND the cone right now as we speak. Allergies.

    Love and licks,

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