Let’s All Relax

Dear Friends,

I have rethought my original plan to inundate everyone with all my wonderful accomplishments and all the reasons to make me the next Mayor of Blogsville. You see, I did not know at the time I began my campaign that our election was going to coincide with the National Presidential Election in the USA. So we have time. We have lots of time. Instead of a new Vote for Lexi! post every day, I will put one out each week on Tuesdays. When we have a debate, that will take the place of my Campaign Blog. Please don’t feel too disappointed.


This picture is totally unrelated to anything in this post; however, it seemed apropos for heading into nicer weather in Tennessee, USA. Besides, I think I it is pretty.

In the meantime, please do feel free to read my older blogs and let me know what issues you would like addressed by the next Mayor of Blogsville. When elected mayor, I intend to be the voice of the anipals. The voices of everyone from Great Danes to tiny Yorkies, from furry Maramas to naked hairless cats, from Rocky the Squirrel to Franklin the Duck must be heard, their concerns considered and their opinions respected. (No fleas, mosquitoes, ticks or intestinal worms, please.)

Your bestest friend Peace Be with You,

Lexi the Schnauzer for President  Mayor

28 thoughts on “Let’s All Relax

  1. Gee, I think you as Blogville major or I mean mayor would be terrific. Burning issues? Gee, I’m at a loss. We should all be treated well but we are, so nothing there. Woofies and mews seem to get along well so there is no fighting. This is hard Lexi. I would say try not to do harm and all will be well.


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    1. Kizmet, as I already stated, the Horrible Hoovers can’t get you if you stay out of their way, like on the bed or in your cage. And they deserve to come out of the closet, don’t you think? I am truly sorry they are such a source of fear for so many. Perhaps if we all tried to understand them better we could all live in peace. And a tiny pair of ear muffs might help you when yours comes out of the closet. As for the brooms, try watching Cinderella. 🙂


  2. what a good idea… can you make a law as the new mayor please what contains a minimum distance of 2 yards between bathtubs and pups? the mama said I have a weird smell and that sounds not good… more like a WETnesday…

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  3. Hi Lexi – That is bad news. My Dad said that your platform was making more sense than some he has recently heard (no names but you can trump those humans anytime). In fact he was hoping that they would all take a long vacation and let you run your election. Oh well! I’ll break it to him gently. Woof! Ray.

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