Update Post Surgery

Piper and Auntie Jen

                  Piper and Auntie Jen

Piper is home after getting the tumor removed from his right back leg. Mom said some words like round cells and vascular, whatever that means. He is in pain, which makes my Auntie Jen also hurt.

Mommy went over and held Pipes and sang to him this evening, the same way she did me after my paw surgery early this spring. She said it calmed Pipe-Pipe, just like it did me. His Momma had to go back to work, so Mom stayed with him until his Dad got home tonight.

Even though Piper gets two shots a day for diabetes, his “sugar” is all over the charts, so he will have to go back to get an all day glucose test done. The doc should have his biopsy results by then.

And they aren’t sure if Piper’s heart medicine is doing the trick for his heart murmur.

His Momma and Daddy really appreciate all the POTP, prayers, and healing thoughts.

27 thoughts on “Update Post Surgery

  1. Our thoughts are with Piper, Lexi. He is really having a rough time. Diabestes is a hard one to control and stay controlled. Mom had a kitty with diabestes and certainly can relate. She will be praying and we will be purring for Piper.

    All our purrs,

    Shoko and Kali

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  2. Poor baby. And Diabetes for dogs can be tough. My neighbor had a dog with it. He was a sweet dog. Of course he wasn’t thrilled when they changed his food diet, especially having to eat broccoli for his treats. He wasn’t a fan of that.

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