Home from the Hospital

I’m home. It was a rough day. It started out with me not getting any breakfast. In the car, I suspected something was up.


Where are we REALLY going, Mom?

We ended up at the vets, in the bad room, not the good room where I get my acupuncture. Mom handed me over with empty promises and I sat in a hard cage until after lunch – which I didn’t get, either. My suspicions were then confirmed: the worst was yet to come. They made me go to sleep and cut off 4 bumps from my skin and a humongus bump from my gums. The gum invader had destroyed bone in my jaw, so 2 teeth came out with it.  Just when I had about given up on Mom, the nice lady at the vet took me out of the hard cage and carried me oh so gently out front. You will never guess who was there waiting for me…my Mom! I heard the nice lady tell Mommy what a sweet girl I am. 🙂 Oww, it hurts to smile. It hurts to do pretty much anything. I got some pain pills, and they help. Since everyone had starved me half to death all day, I couldn’t wait to get something to eat. Instead of mixing the special soft food Mom makes (pureed chicken and carrots) with my hard food, she put the puree in a bowl all by itself and warmed it. I couldn’t quite get it in my mouth without it hurting where the stitches are, so Mommy used a soft spatula and fed it all to me. Mmmm. 🙂 Oww. What Mom? This bite is from Noodle? Hi Boyfriend! 🙂 Oww.

0510161837e 0510161837aCan you see the stitches between my eyes? (You can click on the pictures to make them bigger.) I think I look like something Gentle Stitches would do. Mommy says I am still her Gorgeous Worgeous. 🙂 Oww. Daddy went to the store and you will never guess why! He came home with a whole bunch of Caesar’s dog food. OMD, it is soooo good. 🙂 Ow. Why have they been holding out on me all these years?

Anyhow, Mom says I need to tell you that at least part of the pathology report will be back in 48 hours. Depending on what it says, there may be another report from the bone that came out with the teeth a little later. I have to go back to the vet in 10 days for them to remove my stitches. Mommy promises she will stay with me for them to do that. I am not allowed to jump (ha, ha) or run or exert myself or eat anything hard or have a bath. At least there is one bright spot in all of this. 🙂 Oww.

Mommy said she got an extra day at her job at St. Luke where my friend Dave helps out since she doesn’t have the job at the church on the mountain anymore. She asked me if I want to go with her tomorrow and I am still thinking about it. I probably will. She said I don’t have to work hard, I can take it easy for a couple of weeks.

Oh, and before I take my evening nap, I wanted to thank everyone for their love and prayers and support. Bark on! (No I am not going to smile – it hurts.)
P.S. Noodle, I heard you were naughty last night and even made yourself sick worrying about me. Stay sweet and well for me, OK? And we will go on our excellent adventures. ❤



57 thoughts on “Home from the Hospital

  1. We hope that you are feeling better. Shelby had extensive dental surgery last month and her stitches were able to dissolve. She did not get special food. I just added warm water to her food. She was deprived because I can’t handle the smell of wet food. She took it easy for two fays and then the craziness began. Take care sweet girl.

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    • How did we miss that about Shelby? Hopefully she is back to 100%. With the bone loss, it is hard for me to eat right now. My mouth stitches will dissolve, too. It’s the ones holding me together where the other three tumors were removed that have to come out. I’m glad Mommy has a good stomach for smells.


  2. We are so sorry you are suffering Lexi. Did you tell your mom that some ice cream might make you feel better? You might want to suggest she gives you ice cream with every meal for a minimum of a couple months to make sure everything heals properly. We sure hope those reports some back OK!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

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  3. DeerestLexi mee frend. That iss sum ordeal you ent thru an you were so-o brave!!! Meeiss sendin you ❤ LUV ❤ an POTP fur a complete reecovurry soon!!!
    An mee iss happy you gotted Cesar doggie food an NO bath!!! There iss all ways sumfin good inn sumfing not so good, rite?????
    An Noodle mee Moodle LUVSS you toe-tally!
    ~~~head rubsss~~~ (gentully) Siddhartha Henry~~~

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  4. Bless your little heart my friend. I’m sending you bunches of hogs and snort kisses to get you better. Now you mind your mom and no jumping or running – we want those stitches out soon with no problems. Love you guy! XOXO – Bacon

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  5. Hey Lexi – You did well buddy! I hope I never need to go through that but, if I do, I’ll have remember what a brave girl you were…. and, being a boy, I shall have to be just as brave. Woof! Ray.

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  6. Lexi we are THRILLED that you are HOME and that you FINALLY got somethingy GOOD to eat… and that you know that you will NOT need to endure a BAFF fur at LEAST 10 days. This is ALL good news. Paws Crossed and POTP fur you.

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  7. HI Lexi it’s me Noodle’s grandma. You’re a very brave little girl. I’m doing what grandma’s are supposed to do……I’m praying for you and your parents. Try to rest……Ear scratches……Grandma Judi

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  8. Lexi I’m glad the dogtor removed all that evil bump-intruders and you are back at home after such an eggs-hausting day. We will cross all paws and fingers that the dogtor has good news when the results are in… hugs to you and potp and all our best wishes for good news…

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  9. Glad to hear you are home safe Lexi
    Now eat up you Caesars foodables, rest up and get well soon
    Take care, sending you healing licky kisses
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

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  10. Woo Hoo your home – thank goodness, even Neurotic Cat asked how you were this morning, now I’ve found out you are sore but home I’ll go wake her and give her the good news, I hope every day see’s you getting stronger, all my love Big Oscar xx

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  11. Hi Lexi! Bow wow, I’m so sorry you have to go through this. Paws crossed for you! However, it’s important to stay strong like you are. If you become mayor, you’ll be a mayor who will fight through it all, which is very impawtent. Stay strong my friend!

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  12. Lexi, We’re glad you are home and today is behind you. The soft stuff you get to eat sounds yummy! Have a good night sleep and be careful when you smile, at least until the stitches come out. Take care~ very gentle nose nudges Bonnie, Belle, and Bess.
    (Oh our Margret sends a hug to your Mom.)

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  13. Lexi, mom teared up reading this. We are so happy you’re okay. I can’t believe some of your bone came out and 2 teeth. Don’t worry. I still think you’re the most beautiful schnauzer in the world. I’m glad your Mom remembered to give you that extra bite of yummies. Sleep well, Queen of my heart.

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  14. You’re really getting the royal treatment, L. That’s great. You showed tremendous courage today. I’m happy the bumps are all gone. Mom and I said prayers for you, so we are sure you will be fine. Sleep well. You will feel better tomorrow. xoxo

    Love and licks,

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  15. Kali, Kali!! Lexi’s home and she’s doing well. Thank goodness, my friend. We were wishing every possible good thing your way. Take it easy. Kali has had most of her teeth out so she says to relax and go with the flow. If you’re hungry eat something soft and just be our sweet Lexi.

    Loves ya,


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