Is your pet’s food killing them?

This is Amy – Lexi’s Mom – taking over her blog tonight. First, Lexi had a good day and seems to be doing well. I have something else very important to tell you, and didn’t want to start off by scaring you… what follows should scare you, though.

What does the word meat mean when it is a dog food ingredient list. Click the link. You will find that “meat” can be road kill, euthanized animals (with the euthanizing agent still in their bodies, of course), diseased animals, and so on.

This is why I returned all those cute little cans of Caesar dog food my unsuspecting husband bought to spoon feed Lexi while she is recovering from oral surgery.  By the way, I had to use a lit magnifying glass to read the ingredients, and not because my eyes are that bad. Every single one of them had the ingredient “meat by-products” listed. I urge you to read what is in your dog and cat’s food and never, ever, feed them anything that says “meat” or “meat by-products.”  Please.

36 thoughts on “Is your pet’s food killing them?

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  2. HI Amy! Sherri-Ellen here! I read everything now!
    Siddhartha Henry eats ONLY Royal Canin or Blue Wilderness foods. With his IBS he has to have a moderate calorie/low protein/low fat diet.
    My previous cats all ate Purina Kibble of some sort & either Friskies or Fancy Feast wet foods. Then they were switched to Royal Canin….Mingflower was 16 yrs old & Nylablue was always on Rx kibble & as much as I tried to get her on better wuality canned food it never worked.
    But you are right that what is in their foodis VERY important & if that printing gets any smaller we will go blind reading it!!!! 😉
    Sherri-Ellen & P SH ❤ ❤

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    • Hi Sherri-Ellen. So many foods have great marketing so people think they are wonderful. Reading labels, I found that Purina is only one small step above Alpo. Ick. Even the Science Diet isn’t like it used to be back in the 90’s. With the exception of the prescription diets. I am so glad P SH is doing well with the IBS. I know it is hard to get low protein cat food. I hope you are doing better too. Amy

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      • I totally agree about Science Diet…that was all we had for Rx food at that point! Now there are far better foods to choose from.
        UGH>>Alpo I NEVER fed my dogs that garbage. I made my own beef stew for them.
        P SH is stable & doing well. I am slowly recuperating from my recent EMERGENCY visit….

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  3. So so happy to hear Lexi had a good day ❤ give her a HUGE kiss from me.
    Mrs P took me off any food containing 'meat derivatives' months & months ago as I just can't handle them caused MAJOR behavioural issues & I mean MAJOR issues I was virtually uncontrollable, biting, hyper and not really a nice puppy to know, but now ..well I'm still a plumb but content, lovable and a 100% better than I was, so Mrs P would follow your advice to the letter 🙂
    Love n' stuff
    Big Oscar x

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  4. I think you are right, I think that really can be the reason that so much dogs&cats get the c-diagnosis… I once read “meat-like substances” on a can and with the knowledge what it means I never bought one …

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    • My Mom says you can never spend TOO long doing that. She probably already knows, then, that “chicken” means the entire chicken, whereas “chicken meal” means just the parts a person would eat! Sounds backwards, huh?


  5. Previous paws here used to get fed wet foodables until the peeps read somewhere what RUBBISH they can contain (not all I understand) so I have my dry kibble and CHICKEN!!!!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

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  6. Great post. Yes, read very carefully the ingredients in your dog’s food. You’ll be surprised what you find out once you take some time to do research. I had pit bull mix since she was 2 months old, and I fed her mostly kibble, but by the time she hit 10 years old I saw that she slowed down a lot so I did some research and I started to cook for her. I started by doing 75% kibble, 25% human food. As time went by, it went down to 25% kibble, 75% human food. The results were amazing: she was more agile; she ate more, really good since she was a picky eater; she did #2 less times than when she was just eating kibble and it didn’t smell as bad; her coat was shinier; and she lived to be 13 years old. I really recommend pet parents do research on what they put in their dog’s food and also do a bit of cooking. Work with a holistic vet in order to make sure that you are feeding your dog the right amount of protein, fiber, etc.

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  7. We totally understand where you are coming from! The only time we even eat wet food is if we are on a road trip and Dory won’t eat her kibble. Then we add a tablespoon into our Lamb and Rice food! Thanks for the heads up!!

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  8. It is why we feed raw..anything goes in the cash cow area of pet industry goods..pets being the least of interest to most companies..and that chicken you eat most likely was fed ground up chicks that were males and no good for the egg industry..gross and evil..

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    • Yes, you can still eat meat, as long as it says what kind of meat, like chicken or chicken meal or beef, etc. Glad your mom is checking the labels. Mom was certified years ago in pet nutrition and can spend an hour in the store just reading dog food ingredient labels!


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