My Surgery Update – and Where are the Labs?

I haven’t felt much like blogging lately, but Mom insisted that I let everyone know how I am doing. By folks’ hesitation when they went to ask about me, Mom thinks there was a nasty rumor going around the Methodist church where we still work that I was…well, not alive. She thinks she has squelled  that rumor and has everyone praying the right way for me!

Speaking of work, I was right back to work the first day after surgery. Can you believe it? Not even a day to recuperate (with sick pay). I ran everything from my bed behind Mom’s desk that day. I decided to give everyone a break and not growl. That was Wednesday. Thursday I felt a bit better and did a lot of therapy, especially on the folks coming in to get food vouchers for the Food Bank. One fellow in particular seemed to need it, so I kept flipping his hand for him to pet me and standing real close so he wouldn’t have to reach. After watching this for a while, Mom finally explained to him what was going on. He smiled real big and said yes, he probably did need that.

Mom asked me to post a picture of the yummy new soft food I am eating. She said she knows there is probably still stuff in it that people wouldn’t eat, but at least it doesn’t say “meat” and she can pronounce all the natural ingredients.


I don’t understand why Mom moved my stairs away from the bed. She mumbled something weird about me not being allowed to “jump.” Doesn’t she know I can’t get in bed with her without my stairs? Wednesday I was feeling good enough to protest this travesty, so I pawed at the side of the bed during the night and made sure Mom didn’t sleep. After work Thursday, Mom groggily pulled the mattress off the guest bed onto the floor and we slept together on it all night. That made me so happy that Mom slept there with me again last night. This is how it should be. I love Daddy, but he crowds us. I am glad Mom finally got her heart right and chose to sleep with me!

Mom has been a bit on edge lately. She says it is hard to wait for the labs.

I keep thinking, “Why on earth is Mom waiting for labs? Why are they coming? And why don’t they hurry up?”

Anyhow, I had to go back to the vet on Thursday because my right eye was full of pus. And the incision on my forehead was starting to seep. I got eye ointment and antibiotics. My eye is all cleared up now, but the area around the incision is swollen and still seeping. Mommy is going to take me back to the doc on Monday if the medicine doesn’t clear it up by then.

I guess that’s it for now. Catch you later.

36 thoughts on “My Surgery Update – and Where are the Labs?

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  2. maybe your mom can replace the steps with a ramp to your bed? the daddy of the idahopugranch made a fabulous be-ramp:
    I feel with you, to wait for results is hard… there are so much sad thoughts in our mind and we are full of fears… but I hope so much that you get no bad news and that we all can hear the bump of the big rock what falls down from your heart when you hear good news…

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    • Well, Easy, the problem isn’t me going up and down the steps. It is that I often JUMP off the bed instead of using the steps. I am afraid the ramp wouldn’t help with that. Anyhow, I really like our new sleeping arrangement. I am sleeping right next to Mommy all night, and I never used to do that with Daddy hogging half the bed.
      Please don’t be teary yet. Our fingers and paws are still crossed for good news. Mom says, “Just keep believing.”


  3. Lexi, my mommy and I are glad to know you’re slowly getting better, even if it means not having stairs to climb or having to put up with a couple of Labs. Just stay strong and fight this like a boss! Remember, schnauzers are very much like terriers, and terriers are strong little fighters!

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    • Hi Shoko and Kali. I don’t know where the Labs are coming from, but it must be really far away since it is taking so long. Mommy has to take me back to the vet Monday because the stitches are coming out of the incision between my eyes and now she put a big collar thingy on me so I can’t paw at the wound. She thinks we will find out about the Labs then.


      • Oh good…finally the Labs. Mom says its great that the stitches are coming out. One more sign that you’re getting better. Mom is quite anxious about the Labs. Maybe she thinks the Labs will eat you. I’ve had that cone thingy before and it is sheer torture. What is wrong with our peeps…what a dumb hat and chin wrap to put on us.



  4. They thought you were dead? Geeze! Can’t a girl take a sick break? I think they should’ve at least paid you extra in soft treats.

    I don’t know why labs are so important. Personally, I think they’re too big and they enjoy water too much.

    I hope you’re battle wound gets better and you don’t have to go back to the doctor.

    Love you bunches!

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  5. I hope the labs aren’t going to try and squeeze into bed with you and your mom. That would just be wrong. I am glad you’re back to work. People need you and you need people to help you get better.

    Love and licks,

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  6. Lexi, It’s really good to hear from you! We’ve been wondering how you are so has our Margret. She said to tell you she chuckled when she saw the graphic with you thinking about Labs. Waiting is the hardest part. It’s great how you made that man feel better, you are so good at your job!
    I’m glad you and your mom are having sleepovers but I’m sure everyone will be happy when you can climb up the stairs and get into their bed like normal. We hope you hear something soon. ~gentle nose nudges Belle (for the rest of the pups and kitties and Margret)

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