Taking it One Day at a Time

Mom, where is my breakfast?

This morning we were up early, but Mom didn’t feed me.

Me on the table at the dogtor, with my hated cone, my necrotized forehead and my new wound bandage spray.

Instead, Mom took me for a ride to the dogtor. I had managed to paw at the stitches in my forehead enough to get the incision really infected. So much so, in fact, that some stitches were missing and I now had an infected gaping wound between my eyes. Dogtor Smith said the skin had necrotized. (huh?) Mom says I look like one of those India women with a red dot on my forehead and that I am her “gorgeous worgeous.” That’s one of her nicknames for me. I think the dogtor has a sense of humor too – he said it could be much worse. Question: How do you bandage a dog’s forehead? Answer: You don’t. Instead, he told Mom she had to spray sterile wound wash on it twice a day and then spray this special sea salt liquid bandage on it 6 times a day, and it should heal up ok. In the meantime, guess what I have to wear. Grr.

I heard Mom ask if the Labs were back. Back? You mean they had been here once and gone again? Dogtor Smith disappeared for a few minutes and came back in with a paper in his hand. Apparently the Labs had delivered the paper and left. While the dogtor explained what the paper said I could feel Mom getting real upset but holding it all in. It must have been a news paper because there was very bad news on it. Dogtor Karen – who is my favorite – came in the exam room and said she is contacting the University of Knoxville, who has a great veterinary school, and an oncology place in Atlanta to see if I am a Candy Date for a Melanoma Vaccine that could erase the bad news. I hope so. I want to be a Candy Date again. Anyhow, Mom cried a lot today and I laid by her to comfort her. I must have done a good job because she asked me if I wanted to go for another ride. “Of course I want to go for a ride with you, Mom,” I answered. So we hopped in the car and guess where we went…Mickey D’s!! We shared a hamburger and a caramel sundae. I got the caramel all over my beard and I kept trying to lick it from the inside of the e-collar. It made Mom laugh. Hmm, I wonder if it is my birthday again.

This is Lexi and Mom, taking it one day at a time.




56 thoughts on “Taking it One Day at a Time

  1. Mom is late on her reading this week, so we are just finding our your news. We have POTP being sent big time. God bless you and your family for trying to be strong and fight. We will have St Francis put his hand on you for strength.

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  2. oh noooo… I hoped so much for good news and an all-clear…. I’m glad there is a way to be a candy date for this vaccine and I cross my paws like crazy that this can chase all bad things away. hugs and kisses to you and the mama… and we all are here to support you and to send potp …

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  3. It was about 2 years ago that we received the Labs that Kyla had melanoma.It was in her toe, which was quickly amputated.The question was, had it spread? Yes, melanoma is incidious. I wish you the best, Lexi.

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  4. We are sending our strongest POTP that you are a candy date for that vaccine, Lexi!! We are also sending big hugs and snuggles to both you and your Mama…

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  5. OH LEXI we are so sorry that you got your incision all infected and that the news was not good… We are sending you POTP and CROSSED PAWS and our STRONGEST Dachshund VIBES >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> that you heal up very fast and that you ARE a Candy Date fur the medicine.
    We are glad that you got to go to Micky D’s and gotted some good stuffs fur supper and DESSERT.
    Cuddle your mom….

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  6. Dearest Lexi, our thoughts and prayers are with you. We know that you are a fighter. We hope that you get your chance with the vaccine. You desire it. Our love to your family.

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  7. Bad news is a bummer, but good things come from bad things all the time, L. Mom and I said prayers for you and we are sure you will be fine. We don’t know anything about that vaccine thing, but if that’s what you need to turn this around, that’s what you’ll get. We will also say prayers for your family to be brave and for your doctors to be skilled and wise. We have no doubt when it comes to prayers. Meanwhile, your Mom needs to take the advice that my vet gave to my mom about the cone. Do NOT take mercy. Just put it on and keep it on as much as possible. It’s for your own good. I’m finding that to be true. My itchy spot is getting better thanks to the cone. Hang in there sweetie. xoxo

    Love and healing licks,

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    1. Mommy took my cone off tonight while we were sitting on the couch watching the old Tom Hanks movie Volunteers. I immediately seized the opportunity to try to paw at it and rub it on Daddy’s sleeve. I think I was cone-free for an entire 30 seconds.


  8. Deer sweet lexi you nevurr menshunned this today…oh mee furend mee iss sorry you has a nasty fourhead wound…it lookss purrty ‘ouchie’ to mee!! Pleeze bee a good doggie gurl fur yur Mumma ok? An let her ‘nurse’ you back to health.
    An mee iss goin to PURRAY HARD to BuudhaKat that you are a Candy Date an not goin to need thee shot……
    Sendin you ❤ LUV ❤ an POTP an {{hugs}}
    Siddhartha Henry an LadyMum

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  9. Lexi, sweet pup one day at a time is good. Sending love, hugs and prayers to you and your mom. Oh and the girls wanted me to tell you look very regal in your cone. ~Mrs. Margret for the Pups and Kitties.

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  10. Bow wow, Lexi, my mom and I are very saddened to hear this. But this isn’t the time to be sad. This is the time to be strong for you, Lexi, cause you are strong. We know you’ve got this, and you can fight through this. We believe in you, Lexi, on behalf of the whole of Blogville.

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  11. You and Mom are having a bit of a rough trot but one day at a time is the only way to do it. Sending you ancient aussie healing magic and gentle pats❤️

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