How’s Lexi – Glad you asked

Yesterday I had a very upset tummy most of the day, even to the point of throwing up a bit. Mom talked to the local vet who called my oncologist in Knoxville, who told her what drug to call in to the pharmacy to help with this chemo sickness. We went and got it on the way home and about 30 minute after Mommy forced it down my throat I was feeling lots better. Mommy was happy when I ate a good supper of homemade chicken and rice. I felt so good that I went into the play position and Gracie and Mom and I played for almost a half hour. I did most of the barking and Gracie did most of the running. It felt good to feel good again.

The weird thing is, the oncology doctor said with this particular poison they used on me, if I was going to get sick it would be in one to two weeks. She said dogs don’t usually get sick from it, but if they do, it is never in the first week. Mom and Dad say I have always been an over-achiever.

When I woke up this morning – still on the mattress on the floor with Mommy – my tummy was a bit upset again, so I refused food. Yes, very un-schnauzer-like. Mom understood and didn’t insist. Instead, she said, “Let’s go for a ride!” and we jumped in the car – yes, I actually jumped in the car, something I haven’t done for a long time – and headed to the local vet. Two nice girls came in the exam room and sat down on the floor with me while they cut and pulled out the stitches from my forehead, the back of my neck and my upper leg. They said I behaved the best of any dog they have done that for. Then Dr. Smith came in and said the gaping hole in my forehead has scabbed over and seems to be healing nicely. He said Mom doesn’t have to spray the liquid bandage on my forehead any more and that I don’t have to wear the dreaded cone any more. HIGH FOUR!1 paw When we got home later this morning I was ready to eat some homemade chicken and white rice. Since I gobbled that all down, Mom cooked me more chicken for supper, along with brown rice which is supposed to be healthier. I am not nearly as fond of that nutty taste and ate more chicken than rice. Even so,  my tummy is happy and full and I am ready for a nap with my friend Gracie.



55 thoughts on “How’s Lexi – Glad you asked

  1. *pantin a bit*
    Mee ran all thee way over to see how you are Lexi mee furend!
    Mee hopess thee tummy med werkss so you can eat an feel good while you has thee Kemo…sendin you tripull POTP!!!
    ❤ LUV ❤ an ***paw patsss*** xxxx Siddhartha Henry an {{{hugs}}} LadyMum

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    • Catch your breath, I’m ok, mostly. Mommy had to drive back to the vet’s this morning to get another medicine that is an appetite stimulant. She said she never thought she would be giving that to a schnauzer. But it worked! I am eating everything in sight! (Even if it did cause a small squirty accident in the front seat of the car today.) wiggles and licks, Lexi

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      • Ok breethinn deeplee Lexi!!!!
        Are you takin Mirtazipine????
        Me eiss so happy yur eatin well….
        An a littul accident iss OK as long as you are doin good……
        ***nose kissesss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxxx

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      • Dad didn’t seem too happy, as we were on the way to get Mom when it happened. But he is rather squeamish. He phoned ahead so Mom was prepared. She did a lot of “poor baby” while she cleaned up me and the seat so we could all go home. I am taking Ondansetron and Maropitant Citrate for nausea and the Mirtazapine to stimulate my appetite. I also have metronidazole for diahrrea if I need it.

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      • Soundss like you are all set there Lexi…
        An wee wundered if it was ‘Mirt’ as LadyMum calls it. Shee thott onlee katss use it 😉
        An sumtimess thee pappawss are sorta squeamish an stuff…..
        Good fing wee has Mumma’ss!!!! 😉

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  2. Sounds like you are taking each day as it comes, Lexi! We are glad your tummy liked the smell of the nommy beef. We hope that the beef stays in your tummy and helps you feel better. We hope tomorrow is even better than today!


    • Yep, Mom was near tear over me refusing food when I said, “Hey, that beef you cooked for yourself sure does smell good.” She didn’t get much of it, or of the second helping she went back and cooked, but she is smiling again.


  3. Chicken and rice yum yum, glad you’re feeling a bit better now, poorly tummy is no fun
    And no more cone, that’s grand
    Take care Sweetie
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

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    • Hungry, but can’t eat.this morning. Mom just figured out I might eat if she cooks me white rice instead of brown rice. I think I smell it on the stove now. I may hold out for some filet mignon. 🙂


  4. Great news, L. You got your cone off WAAAAY faster than me. Mom is still putting it on me when she goes out. I’m happy your tummy is feeling better and your hole is getting smaller. Hang in there sweetie. You and your parents are showing us all courage up close.

    Love and licks,

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  5. Chicken and rice is a wonderful recipe to help you feel better. You should also try Bone Broth: Fill a crock pot with beef marrow bones and bones that have a lot of joints, such as chicken or turkey legs. Cover the bones with water until they are submerged by 2-3 inches. Add in 2-3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice. Cover and let cook on low for 20-24 hours. ONLY use the broth not the bones (cooked bones can splinter and hurt your tum tum) BUT the broth is good for you, lots of nutrients to help you get better.

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  6. We are happy that you are feeling better. You might have barfed for another reason, not the chemo. If you are getting home cooked meals, it might be better to let mom think that the chemo was the cause. We are praying for you every day and wish you the best sweet girl.

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