Back to Work, Back to Vet, Get Well Cards

It’s been a rough kind of week. As many of you know, I had my first chemo treatment last Thursday. Being the good employee that I am (and not eligible for sick pay) I went on in to work at St. Luke last Friday. Here is me getting everything done so I can go home when Mom is ready:

Some of my friends sent me get well cards. First, Noodle, Macy and Molly e-mailed me the cutest cards.

emailed card piZap_1463748051558 piZap_1463748306138

















My boyfriend Noodle also sent me a video card:

Then I got some real live cards  from the mail person. They were actually from Noodle and his family (he wrote he loves me on the back of the envelope!) as well as the beautiful goldens,  Bonny, Belle and Bess and their family. They both had slips of paper in them that made Mom get all teary-eyed. I wonder what they were…

I like my cards, but where are the treats?

I have been taking two different pill for nausea, a pill to stimulate my appetite, and a pill to stop the squirts. I’ve been getting up lots during the night ’cause I keep feeling like I have to go out, but all I do is strain and dribble from the back end. All I want to eat is steak and sometimes chicken, and sometimes I can’t even eat that. Today I ate chicken, and Mom made me pumpkin and oatmeal cookies from a healthy dog cookie cook book. I ate most of one.

sick Lexi in car
I don’t feel good, Mommy.

Then, a little later, everything  I ate came up all at once. I felt like I was going to die! Obviously, I didn’t. Mom called the oncology vet at UTK, Dr. Walters, and she said I had to go to the hospital here in Chattanooga, and that she was going to call the doctor there herself. Mom took me right away, and of course they stuck a glass stick up my poor patootie. The vet tech took my pulse, too. It was odd, no one has ever taken my pulse before. At least it wasn’t invasive like that awful stick. She said my temp and my pulse were normal. Dr. Smith came in and checked me and did what Dr Walters had suggested. He stuck another needle in me (this is really getting old) and started fluid running sub q. That is short for under my skin. Then he gave me a shot to help with the nausea. Mommy told me I was going to get that shot and that it would burn a lot and that I had to be brave. The dogtor said I keep having the squirts because my intestines are very irritated from the chemo and it makes me feel like I have to go potty all the time. I now have more medicine to take with all the other medicine I have. This one is to sooth my intestines and help with that almost constant feeling of urgency, if you know what I mean.

After they were all done and had finished taking all Mom’s money Mom had paid them, I got to go home. I was sooo glad to see Mom! I felt some better when we got home, so I helped Mom eat her pan fried hamburger, then I ate some more of that store broiled chicken, then some of my homemade cookies. I have still been running outside with the feeling that I have to “go” but all my food has stayed down. That is very important to me.

Hoping for a more restful night and no more urgent potty misery!

I am Lexi the miserable with the tired Mommy.


39 thoughts on “Back to Work, Back to Vet, Get Well Cards

  1. We are so sorry to hear that your chemo is not going well. We hope that you adjust to it and start to feel better soon. We are saying our prayers for you every night. Get well sweet Lexi. We love you.

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  2. We are glad you are keeping your latest round of foodies down and hope everyone got a better night’s sleep. We are sending lots and lots of POTP your way Lexi!

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  3. OH Lexi.. WE are SOOOOoooo very much sorry to hear that you are feeling so sickie from BOTH ends at once. We are glad that the dogtor was able to give you somethingy that would HELP with all of that.
    We are sending you POTP and Crossed Paws.

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  4. oh how bad that the meds had such mean side effects for you… I hope so much that the chemo works so strong on the big c too and it can chase all that evil things away from you. I send hugs and potp and I hopoer for a good Memorial Day Weekend for you and for big schnauzer-steps on the way to recovery.

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  5. Poor, sweet Lexi. That picture of you in the car is so sad. On the upside, that chemo medicine must be pretty potent, so it will do a thorough job killing off that cancer which is a tough nut to crack. You have to fight tough with tougher. Hang in there, sweetie. You and your mom and your doctors are a great team. Mom and I pray every single day for you all to have strength and courage.

    Love and licks,

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    1. Oh, I do look pretty pitiful, don’t I. I have gotten lots of “poor babies.” We sure appreciate the prayers, Cupcake and Mrs. P. Mom is hoping real hard I do well over this holiday weekend since it will mean a trip to the emergency vet who doesn’t know my background if I need help.

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      1. Of course you’ll do great over the holiday weekend, L. I will not consider anything less. That tough medicine will bully your cancer for a few days – not your tummy. Prayers are answered. Miracles happen every day. xoxo

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  6. Hi Lexi……..It’s me Noodles’ grandma. I’m so sorry that you have to go through this doctor stuff. I know it makes you very sad and scared each time you go because you don’t know what they’re going to do to you. I also know your mom is scared as well. The best I can do for you and your mom is pray. Love and scratches behind your ears. Grandma Judi

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    1. Hi Grandma Judy. It is really nice to hear from you again. You do understand how I feel. I mostly get scared 1. when I feel Mom is scared and 2. when she leaves me at the vet. I feel better this morning. Hey, and how did you know behind my ears is my favorite place? Aw, probably ’cause my guy Noodle likes that too, huh?

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  7. Lexi,
    We sure hope you and mom have a better night sleep tonight.
    We’re glad that your supper stayed down and we hope new medicine helps make your intestines feel better so you don’t have the squirts anymore.
    We’re glad you liked the card, sorry about the no treats we asked our Margret if she put any in and she said she forgot. We keep trying to teach her but she just doesn’t realize how important treats are. We’ll keep trying. ~ nose nudges Belle for the rest of the pups and kitties and our Margret.

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    1. We did! I had to go out twice right after we went to bed, but then the new “soothe my intestine” medicine kicked in and we all slept until 6:30 this morning. 🙂 It’s ok about the treats. Mom baked me pumpkin and oatmeal cookies special just for dogs (me). I MIGHT share a few if you come to visit. Gracie has gone home.

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      1. My Margret had been real busy the past few days. We just now saw your response. Hopefully you’ve continued to have good nights and the soothe your intestine medicine is still helping.
        Mmmm Pumpkin oatmeal cookies sound real good….
        ~ gentle nose nudges Belle for the rest of the Pups and Kitties and my Margret.

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  8. Poor Lexi – that’s no fun at all. Mom wants to know if you have the go fund me set up, or if not, just email her your address, and she’ll send a little something to help.

    Hugs and wags

    Abby Lab

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