Valued Employee

I was featured in St Luke’s June Happenings Newsletter as the Church Dog. I am a valued employee. Below is the main picture. Just click the link and scroll down to page 2 to read the whole article. 🙂

Lexi featured

For those who might be wondering, I feel much better today. I have been eating well, and the “urge to go” has finally gone. I decided to enjoy life today. Even though it is too hot to stay outside for long, I have been spending a few minutes throughout the day lazing in the sunshine, smelling the flowers and rolling in the grass.

From Lexi’s Mom: Thank you to everyone for your prayers and POTP. Please continue; the battle isn’t over yet. It’s just great to finally see Lexi feeling good again.


46 thoughts on “Valued Employee

  1. mee-you Lexi wee are both so happy yur valued bye thee Church…yur thee BEST!!!
    An wee iss happy yur havin a good day. An mee will purray fur many, many more ok?
    ***nose kissesss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

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  2. Lexi you led the Grand Illumination Parade? How great is that!!! I loved what they wrote about you… and “theater under the collar” probably means that you are a super entertainer, right? Have a good memorial day and I hope the good news continue and you feel better every day a little bit…

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    • Yes, I did! And I sat on Santa’s lap on the stage while people performed! Yes, that is exactly what that mean. I should have gone to Broadway or Hollywood, but Mom wouldn’t move, dang it. Feeling pretty good this morning, even if Mom did sleep in and was late with my breakfast.


  3. What a wonderful article Lexi! I love that you are also on their prayer chain, what a caring congregation it is. I’m glad you are feeling better today sweet pup.
    Take care
    Mrs. Margret

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  4. CONGRATULATIONS on being the CHURCH DAWG. THAT is Quite an Honor and you Deserve it, Lexi.

    OMD OMD we are THRILLED that you are feeling BETTER today… THAT is super good news… We will send POTP and CROSSED PAWS… to help keep thingys that way.

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  5. Wow Lexi. You’re a star! I know a star! BOL! BOL! I had little article written about me in our local paper, but it was nothing as grand as what they said about you. If I believe that I am special (which I do)… you must be REALLY special. Woof! Ray.

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