Massages and Food: These are a few of my favorite things

Massage: I got my massage at work on Thursday, just like Mommy said.

This feels good, and I am keeping you in my sights, Mom.

Do you like this picture? I was in a dimly lit room so Mom used PicMonkey to brighten it and ended up with something that looks more like a painting. Good Mommy. Anyhow, back to my massage. I was a bit more stressed this time and did not relax into it like before. Although, I was caught yawning a few times! I was concerned about where Mom was and wanted to be sure to keep her in my sights. Miss Sky, my therapist, thought it was anxiety from my illness. Even so, I appreciated it a lot and did feel better from the gentle rubbings.

dog food cans

On to food. Mommy and I went to the PetSmart store on our way home from work on Wednesday so that she could get me the high protein food, just like my dogtor ordered. We came home with several canned varieties since I cannot chew the hard kibble anymore. So far I have totally rejected the one on the far left (it was the cheapest), ate part of the one on the far right (it was next to the cheapest) and took three day to finish off the yellow can (same price as second one). I want to try the other two. They cost more, so they should taste better, don’t you think? Mom said my brother Riley is going to have some good topping for his kibble. What?  Hmm, maybe I should try them again…

meat at table
I want liver, not a fancy plate.

Our friend Miss Christy works in the meat department of a local grocery store. She knows everything about meat. Mom went there yesterday to buy me more good food from the meat department. Miss Christy turned her onto beef marrow bones, which are currently cooking downstairs in the crockpot. I have to wait two days for those to be ready. She also told Mom about calf liver, which they carry in the freezer department. Miss Christy said it has the highest amount of quality protein you can get. Mom fixed me some yesterday and OMD, it is about the bestest thing ever.

For lunch today I had ground beef. Since I had liver yesterday, I said, “Come on Mom, you can do better than this,” so she served it to me at the table on one of her good anniversary dishes. That wasn’t quite what I meant. So she said, “Fine. I am putting it on the floor and you can eat it or not.”

Isn't this the same stuff you tried to give me at the table?
Isn’t this the same stuff you tried to give me at the table?
Hey, this cooked beef is really good!
Hey, this cooked beef is really good!
wait, where did it all go?
Wait, where did it all go?


29 thoughts on “Massages and Food: These are a few of my favorite things

    1. It might help. Mom gives me a rolf massage every day. You can google rolfing if you are unfamiliar with it. I just melt into it. I throw my head back to get a kiss at the end of every rolf up my spine. 🙂


  1. I do the same when I get beef after I’ve got chicken or seafood the day before… but at the end I eat it anyway lol. we failed completely with the canned food. we bought Terra Canis what’s food even humans can eat. It had super tasty and luxury ingredients and the smell was fabulous but I didn’t like it… The mama said it has grocery-quality, so my dad can eat it (he said NO! too)

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  2. You are a tough cookie, L. I think you are so brave getting a massage. And LUCKY getting meat from the butcher department. Wow! You did a great job cleaning your plate. I love how your mom always has a plan B. (Actually, it’s probably a plan W by now) for helping you to eat and stay strong. She’s Batman.

    Love and licks,

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    1. My massage therapist has a loving aura about her. Mom says I am wearing her out with the food issues. I will have to rethink this before Mom stops trying so hard. She ALMOST yelled at me the other day. Can you believe it!


    1. While that is generally true, that has never been the case with Lexi. Her only stomach issues have been with the side effects of the chemo. Otherwise, she has always had a stomach of iron and nothing ever bothered her. Right now, I am mostly concerned with finding something nutritious she will eat, as she might eat one food in the morning or evening, then refuse it from then on.


      1. Sophie has a cast iron stomach. None of the others have been so lucky. Sophie is in season and she has eaten pads from her britches. I had blamed Sidney, but the evidence was in front of me on several occasions. I should have known better.


  3. Lexi, your massage sounds almost as good as the mostly yummy food your mom is fixing for you. I might have to get my Margret to make some of that for us. I wonder if it’s as good as Linus kitty’s kibble? That’s my favorite snack…Gentle nose nudges ~ Bonnie for the rest of the Pups and Kitties and our Margret.

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  4. Lee massages my neck because I get spasms because I have dysplasia of my knees in my front legs. Now I have had liver ~ I like liver. Good food, a good massage and love that is all one needs.
    Sweet William The Scot

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