A Napping Tribute for Bailey

You may have heard that Bailey over at the Sheltie Times sadly passed away. Angel Bailey and his sis Katy are supposed to host a napping event in the Pawlympics this Summer, so in honor of Bailey, you are invited to post pictures of one of our favorite pastimes –  napping – this Monday.

Christmas, one of our wonderful mayoral Candy Dates, created a badge for anyone who would like to add it to their sidebar, so go on over to his blog on Monday and grab one.  I’m sure Bailey’s parents and Bailey’s sister Katy will be very happy to see Blogville coming together to honor Bailey and show them our support in their time of grief. Thank you, Christmas for your thoughtfulness in organizing this tribute for Bailey and his family. And friends, please reblog this to pass the word as you see fit.

10 thoughts on “A Napping Tribute for Bailey

  1. I’m so sad to hear this. Other than the kids of a two-legged baby, I can’t think of anything more painful. I don’t handle it well. I will keep his owners close to my heart and send lots of long distance hugs.


  2. Bailey was a very special guy and we are going to miss him. What a lovely idea to celebrate his life in this way, we will be napping in his honor for sure!

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