Health, Friends and Flowers

First, an update on my health, because inquiring minds want to know, right?

Saturday Mommy and I went to see Dr. Smith, who is another dogtor where my beloved Dr. Karen works. I’ve developed another tumor under my left ear. It’s odd, almost like a cyst, but not. It doesn’t bother me any, though, and the decision was to leave it alone unless it gets much bigger or starts seeping anything. Then there was the matter of the strange, splinter-like thing sticking out right next to one of my front toenails. Dr. Smith said it was like a hangnail on a person, and that it can be cut short and it wouldn’t hurt me. I think Mom forgot ’cause she hasn’t done that yet. Finally, Mom told Dr. Smith I had kept her up most of Friday night with the squirts. He got me some of that paste medicine that Mom squirts in my mouth to soothe my gut. I am glad it doesn’t taste too bad.

Unfortunately for all of us, the paste didn’t work. Mommy says Saturday and Sunday nights were an exercise in patience and stamina for her. When Mom called back on Monday and said the paste wasn’t working, Dr. Smith said to give me Imodium. It is mint flavored and not too bad to swallow. After it started working, I noticed that my tummy was upset, so I needed to go out a lot during the night to eat clover. Mommy is walking around looking kind of like those zombie things you see on TV. I can’t help it if it all happens for about 12 hours, starting at bedtime. I heard I am to sleep in our bedroom with Dad tonight and Mom is sleeping by herself in the guest room. I don’t guess Dad is going to get much sleep tonight. He will be zombie daddy tomorrow.

Oh, I almost forgot. On the way home from the dogtor on Saturday, just as Mommy was driving over the Chickamauga Dam, I went into a seizure. There wasn’t anything she could do without risking having a car accident, so she just reached over and stroked me to help me stay calm. It didn’t last more than a few minutes and really wasn’t too bad. I wasn’t scared, but I was kinda’ ticked off that my right side went all weird. My right legs got stiff and my head kept pulling to the right. As soon as possible, Mom pulled off the road and held me and within a couple of minutes I was ok and ready to help navigate us back home. When Mom told the dogtor, he confirmed what she thought. The melanoma tumors have probably moved to my brain. I don’t really understand what that means. Mom said to not worry about it, just try to eat what I like and enjoy my life.

Speaking of enjoying, my cousins Piper and Ella came to stay with me.

That's me in the front.
That’s me in the front. I’m the boss.

AND I found out today that Mommy is driving up to Pee A this Friday and she is taking me and Piper with her!  Yay! I will get to visit my friend Rhonda and my friends Pai and Claud.  It will take 10 or 11 hours each way, but I don’t mind the drive. Ella is staying home with my Dad.

Finally, lookie what Dad surprised Mommy with. He also bought her sweets, but they didn’t last long enough to take any pictures, BOL. Can you believe she didn’t share her cream horn tonight?


38 thoughts on “Health, Friends and Flowers

  1. Yur Pappaw iss berry considerate Lexi!
    An wee iss sorry fingss not been so grate fur you. LadyMum gotted teerss inn her eyess when shee read about thee Mellynoma inn yur brain butt shee wood not tell mee anyfing either. Shee saysa wee should encourage you to have as much fun as pawssibull an eat lotss of good nommiess an treetss an meow, er……bark with Noodle mee Moodle lotss all so.
    Wee LUV you so-o much Lexi gurl!!!
    Have a safe an fun drive with yur Mumma an furendss…..
    ***paw kissesss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx an (((hugs))) LadyMum

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  2. Oh Lexi, know we’re all thinking of you and your tired mama. My mama gives me Kaopectate for the squirts when I get them and they sure help me. Hope you feel better soon enough to enjoy hugs and ear scratches from your uprights.
    Your fur-iend,
    Sam 🐾

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  3. We love that you are living each day to the fullest, Lexi!! You and your Mama are such a wonderful inspiration!!
    Smiley Hugs!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

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  4. Sweet Lexi, the Scotties are sending their best thoughts and prayers for you. I hope that all things improve and you can feel your best. Enjoy your road trip. Watch out for your mom.

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  5. Oh my sweet friend. I’m sending you bunches and bunches of hogs and snout kisses. If I was there, we would run together without any worries in the world of sickness. Love you my friend. XOXO – Bacon

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  6. OH LEXI…. we are so sorry that you are having all these terrible thingys going on at once. We have our Paws Crossed fur you… and are sending you POTP..
    Stay Strong.

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  7. Lexi sweetie Mum is right eat and enjoy day at a time..i hope Mum gets some rest and i hope that those seizures stay away..scary indeed for a pup..dang…we send as always our POTP your way..turbo charged and kicking like a kangaroo ..Loves Fozziemum xxxx

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    1. Hi Fozziemum. Yep, Dad took care of me last night so Mom could get some solid hours of sleep. Tonight is her turn, yay! I haven’t had any more seizures, so paws crossed and taking all those super POTP coming my way!

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  8. Bow wow, there are so many things I love about you, Lexi, but my favorite thing about you is how you always stay strong, happy, and positive all the time, even through bad health. My mom and I think of you all the time and tomorrow we will FINALLY remember to donate to your fund! I don’t know why we keep forgetting!

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    1. Aw, Chris, what nice things to say to me. 🙂 I am so used to be healthy and in busy that it is hard to act any other way. It helps that all my friends here and in Blogville are encouraging me. Did you have a lemonade sale?


  9. Hi Lexi,
    Sounds like your dad is taking good care of your mommy so she can take good care of you. I’m glad you get to take a trip with Piper and Mommy to see your friends. That will be fun!
    Love to you and Mommy and Dad, ~Mrs. Margret

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  10. Your Daddy is such a thoughtful soul. Your Mom will do all she can to keep you happy and comfortable. Don’t let the seizures scare you – your mama is right there with you, loving you through them.

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  11. Lexi, you did great and so did mom with all those extra health stuffs this week. Glad you and Piper get an adventure and a visit with friends this week.

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