Are We There Yet?





My cousins Piper and his housemate Ella came to stay with us last Wednesday while their peeps moved and got settled in.

Then, early Friday morning, Mom packed the car, kissed Dad goodbye, and took me and Piper for a ride. Ella stayed home to keep Dad company.

Yay! Road trip!

                     Yay! Road trip! (8:30 a.m)

Are we there yet?

            Are we there yet? (9:30 a.m.)

Wake me when we get there. (nnon)

Wake me when we get there. (11:00 a.m.)



Finally, 87 hours later (no, Lexi, it was 10 1/2 hours later~Mom) we got there. Where’s there? Pee A. Also known as Pencil Vain Ya. There were a lot of women there eating and laughing and they were all very nice to us, even if they couldn’t keep straight who was Piper and who was me. After a couple of hours they all left and we have been visiting with Mommy’s friend Rhonda and my friend Paisana, who everyone calls Pai (pronounced Pie). Yesterday, Piper made a new friend. Rhonda’s brother dropped by and we sat outside and visited. I remembered John Paul from when we all vacationed together at the Outer Banks in North Carolina. Piper sat in J.P.’s lap for at least 87 minutes and got a back rub. J.P. liked Piper a lot and thought all the noises he makes are really funny.


Claud, hiding in the closet

Later that evening, everything was going just fine…then… Piper got in a lot of trouble for trying to attack Claud (short for Claudia) while Claud was in her Mommy’s lap. Piper got scolded and sent to his room. That upset Pipe so much that he has been pretending Claud doesn’t exist, which is better than scaring her.

The Moms have been having way too much fun going out during the day and leaving us all alone. We aren’t telling them about any parties that may or may not have happened while they were gone. *burp*  Here is all three of us outside with Ms. Rhonda:



Mom finally got us all to look the same direction, even if it wasn’t at the camera.

Firecrackers have been making lots of noise all weekend, which bothers Pai; however, her Mom said she hasn’t been as freaked out as usual, and she thinks it is because we are here, ignoring all the noise. Glad to be of service, Ms. Rhonda. I AM a service dog, you know. Well, therapy dog, anyhow.

We are getting back in the car tomorrow and going home. Mom and I wish all our American friends a happy and safe Independence Day.

36 thoughts on “Are We There Yet?

  1. MOL What a ride and fun with friends. I would have been horse after that long a car ride. I don’t like them at all and everyone knows how I feel. The playing, the entertaining…a really different day. Excellent my friend.


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    • I am so glad we went. I love to do things and to travel. It’s good to be back home with my dad tonight, too. I think I have to get up and go to work tomorrow, so I should get to bed now. *yawn* We were in the car for 12 hours today!


  2. that sounds like a fabulous time you had together… and I’m deep impressed that you waited one whole hour for the most impawtant are we there yet question :O) Have a safe trip home and don’t furget to ask THE question in an endless loop… humans love that LOL

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  3. That was a loooong road trip. Good that you had Piper along for company. And good that you were there, helping with firecracker freak outs. It’s good to be the calm one it makes everybody else feel calm…

    Have fun.

    Love and licks,

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