Trickery at Supper Time

What is this swill you try to feed me!?
What is this swill you try to feed me!?

If you have been following my battle with the C, you already know my appetite has been off ever since the chemo. What? A schnauzer without an appetite? Unheard of before now!! But, sadly enough, it is true. Mom tries hard to give me foods I like, understanding that my taste buds have been adversely affected by the poison injected into my system a couple of months ago. I think it is so funny that she does airplane zoomies around my head with the spoon and makes zoomie noises to get me to open my mouth, just like she used to do when the boys were toddlers. She thinks it is so funny that it often works!


Also, if you are one of my wonderful, faithful, much-loved blog followers, you already know that my cousin Piper is staying with us for a while. Mom has discovered a new tactic to get me to eat my canned food, and I don’t seem to be able to resist it.! Yummy!
Mmmm…food! Yummy! (Piper)
Gimme that food! Mmmm.
Gimme that food! Mmmm. (me)


50 thoughts on “Trickery at Supper Time

  1. MOL That one works here too. In fact when mom puts our wet food down. I turn my nose up at my bowl and Kali turns her nose up at her bowl. We then eat each others wet food. The bowls have exactly the same food in them but when its my sisters, somehow it tastes better. MOL


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      1. They are fed separately. Sophie and Shelby are in their eating crates and Sidney sits next to me. When the girls get out of their crates, they check out all of the empty bowls.

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  2. Berrry clevurr Mumma you have there!!! Entice Piper to eat thee meat an WHAMO! then you will fink yur missin sumfin good!!! What efurr werkss rite Lexi???
    Sendin you more ❤ LUV ❤ an POTP ❤
    ~~head rubsss~~ Siddhartha Henry~~

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  3. I’m sooooo pleased your Mom is able to get some food inside you ~ even if the method is a little unorthodox it works …clever Mom, and cleaver you for accepting the taste-bud challenge
    Love Big Oscar x

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  4. guess what? the foxterrier of my grandparents was a spoon-kid for her whole life… and this technique really worked :o) how great that it works for you too.,.. and a big hug to your mom for being a fabulous doggie mama :o)

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  5. Your mom is sort of DEVIOUS… butt we LIKE IT… as long as you EAT… We vote fur Piper to stay longer, too… You gotta Eat to keep your strength up.

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  6. I’m new to your blog Lexi, but we hope you get your appetite back soon! Tail wags from your friends over at Life With 3 Dogs!

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  7. When our Benny had no appetite, mom mixed egg and cooked ground beef in with his kibble . Paws crossed for you sweetie
    Lily & Edward

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    1. You have a good mom, too. When my mom does that, I just throw the kibble all over the floor and eat the yummies. She has learned to just give me the scrambled egg or the liver or beef. 🙂 Once in a while now I feel like eating my kibble!


  8. Ha! That is the best kind of trickery ever, L. Piper gets to nom some yummy foods and you copy him, so you get to stay strong and nourished! Your mom is brilliant. Plus I wish she would come to my house and feed me with a spoon!

    Love and licks,

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