Catching Up

My BFF Piper left me.
              I’m Ella.   My BFF Piper left me.

You may remember that Mom took me and Piper on a road trip over the Fourth of July weekend. We went Up North to Pee Yay to see my bestest friend Rhonda. Ella had to stay at our house with my Dad, who also had to stay at our house. I don’t know why, so don’t ask.

Piper totally under blanket at Rhondas
He, he, they can’t find me.

While we were there, Piper invented a new game of hide and seek. Mom watched the whole thing, but my friend Rhonda suddenly saw something moving around under the blanket, and out popped Piper’s head!






Bed rest is prescribed for my knee.
Bed rest is prescribed for my knee.

Also while we were Up North, I fell down the stairs going up to the bedroom. You see, I was following Mom up these wooden stairs and my left leg sort of gave out on me because of the hip dysplasia. I slid backwards down 3 steps. When I tried to stop myself with my right back leg, I twisted my knee. *sigh* This week Dr. Karen checked my knee and it is sprained. I am supposed to try to stay off it as much as possible, take my pain pills and ice it several times a day.  I get 3 pain pills, which makes me sleep a lot, which keeps me off my leg! Brilliant!


Why are we here?
Why are we here?

After returning home, Piper cried and fussed and drove Dad crazy hid behind the toilet when me and Mom went to work. Mom said she would try taking him to work with us the next day. Daddy cried with joy and kissed Mommy’s feet. Dad thought that was a good idea. Piper is not a working dog like me. He doesn’t know how to behave in an office. He kept running down the office hallway and barking at the nice man fixing our air conditioning. He tried to leave with some people that we didn’t know. And someone  left a puddle in our boss’ office. What Mom? No, why would you think I was jealous and acted out because the pastor held Piper in her lap?  I guess no one will ever know “who done it”!



This is a good place to eat my lunch.
This is a good place to eat my lunch.

Since then, Mom has been taking only me to work, which is as it should be. She has to carry me up and down the stairs to protect my knee. We go upstairs to the big hall to eat our lunch because 99 degrees is too hot to sit outside. Mommy does take me outside a couple of times a day, though, to roll in the grass and soak up some of that wonderful sun.

I'm a good boy riding in the car.
I’m a good boy riding in the car.

Piper has always hated riding in the car because it made him feel sick to his tummy. He would run and hide if he suspected a ride was imminent. Not anymore! Now he wants to go everywhere we go. As a treat, Mom took him for a ride to Walgreen’s to get my pain medicine. Mom apologizes for the bad picture. She said it was hard to get while driving idling at a red light. You can see he is sitting up on the back seat. His normal riding position used to be as low as he could get on the floor of the back seat. Mom says we have made a breakthrough!

I think that gets us all caught up. I had better go and put ice on my knee now. Oh wait! Be sure to come back for a visit on Tuesday. Us Mayoral Candy Dates have HUGE announcements to make, and I don’t want you to miss it. We will all be linking to each other’s blogs so everyone knows everything!   I can’t wait!

36 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. Very enjoyable post Lexi. Filled with all the news that interesting to me. You sure are better equipped to deal with work than Piper. Although I love the peeking game she invented. Sounds close to my game, “Jump out and Terrorize Kitties.”


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Shoko. I am glad my post entertained you. I could do without the knee sprain, though. Yes, I know how to behave in many different environments and situations. I am an actor, remember? P.S. Piper is a boy 🙂


    1. Then Mom pulled her back trying to carry me up and down those treacherous stairs the rest of the time we were there. All because I wouldn’t “stay” when she went upstairs. I just wanted to be with her!


  2. Mee deerest Lexi gurl wee iss so sad you sprained yur leggy!!!
    Pleeze take it easy an do what thee Vet sayss an let yur sweet Mumma take care of you ok??? Sendin you all thee POTP mee has…
    (A sirtain LadyMum sumhow sprained her left wrist 2 dayss ago!) Must bee sumfing goin ’round rite Lexi??? Mew mew mew..
    Get well soon Lexi gurl ❤ ❤
    ~~head rubsss~~ Siddhartha Henry~~

    Liked by 1 person

  3. “Dad, who also had to stay at our house” well whose house did you want Dad to stay at?
    Maybe the next door neighbors! Oh well I am sorry about the knee. Lee says when you get old it is patch patch patch, I just turned seven on the third of July so I have hit my middle years. Please feel better soon.
    Sweet William The Scot

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