Piper’s Post

Hi, I’m Piper. Lexi said I could use her blog one time, so I better make it count. I have been living here with Lexi and my Aunt Amy and Uncle Jeff since the beginning of July. Lexi said that I have been here 87 weeks. I used to live here with my Mom, then without my Mom for a whole year while she went away to school. This is my second home. I love my Aunt Amy. She took me for some rides with her, even to the church where she works so that I could be the church dog for the day. She said that didn’t work out real well, so didn’t take me back. I don’t have the experience my cousin Lexi has with going to work. I also went on a trip up North and had a really good time.

I heard Aunt Amy say I have been a big help in getting Lexi to eat. I am so glad I could help. I get special treats, too, and sometimes I get overly excited and grab at them. That is when Aunt Amy says, “Piper! Easy!” and I try real hard to control myself and take the treats gently like Lexi does. I like to hear, “Good boy, Piper.”

I do miss my Mom and Dad and Ella, and will be so happy to see them all again. My Dad is picking me up tonight, but I don’t want to leave. I want everyone to just live together so I can have all my people and Lexi and Ella all in one place. Is that really too much to ask?

I will miss you Aunt Amy. I will miss you too, Piper dear.

I will miss you Aunt Amy.
I will miss you too, Piper dear.

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