Gracie’s Post

Hi, this is Gracie the shih tzu. Lexi has blogged about me during my previous visits. We are friends. I stole borrowed Lexi’s blog today to let you know I am back. Lexi’s dad picked me up from my dad, dropping me off at Lexi’s work place around lunchtime — too bad I didn’t get any lunch. But there were little children there!! That’s even better than food. I got one little boy to smile and stop crying for his Mom, and ran around visiting with all the children. When Lexi’s mom said it was time to go up to Lexi’s office, I hid under the table ’cause I wanted to stay with the kids. Being only five pounds, it is just too easy to scoop me up and carry me around, so I ended up in the office with no kids. *sigh* Here’s what I found.

Mrs. Lexi' Mom, make her get out of my bed.
Mrs. Lexi’s Mom, make her get out of my bed, please.

I made myself the official greeter today, and everyone adored me. Lexi barked at the first person, so I explained to her that unless she wanted me to steal her job, she had better change her attitude. When the next person came in, I could see her getting ready to bark. She took a deep breath, looked back at her mom, then let it out without barking. Good girl, Lexi! Then she walked over to greet the lady. Of course, I was already there, soaking up all the attention. Next, I have to teach her to wag her tail more. Wow, it looks like I am a natural at this!

When things slowed down, we finally got the sleeping/working arrangements sorted out.

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Looks like my good friend Lexi is waking up, so I had better hop off here. Isn’t it supper time? Hey, Mrs. Lexi’s Mom…*bounce, bounce, waggles*

22 thoughts on “Gracie’s Post

  1. Hi Gracie,
    Sounds like you had a fun time. I’m glad that you and Lexi figured out stuff like who got to sleep where. That’s very important, I know because me and my sisters are constantly figuring that out! You two make a good team! ~nose nudges Belle for the rest of the Pups and Kitties

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  2. Hiya Gracie, sounds like you had great funs with Lexi, she is a real darling isn’t she.
    Hope you two got a VERY tasty supper.
    Oh, and did you manage to train the mini peeps to be generous with the treats? They can be a very useful resource I have found
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

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    1. Hi Shoko. So, Lexi talks to cats. Huh. I’ve never had the chance, but I bet we would be good friends. Yes, I come as often as my mom and dad let me. I don”t even really mind when Lexi eats my kibble, like she did tonight. I know there is always more. 🙂 Oh! I think I hear my bowl being refilled now. ~Gracie


  3. Lexi is kind of in charge over there, G. She’s used to being top dog. That’s hard to argue with. Just keep an eye on her and follow her lead – except with the barking. That always gets her in trouble. Have fun!

    Love and licks,

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  4. HI GRACIE…. you DID have a super time at Lexi’s Work place… butt please take it a bit EASY on our Furend Lexi… she hasn’t been feeling her very best … OK?
    Just be HELPFUL and Not too much of a Take OVER… You did a grrrreat job with the kidlets.

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