Lexi’s Busy Weekend

Well, it has been another good weekend. First, of course, was the Opening Ceremony of the PAWlympics. I had to run the fire stick torch, and my best guy Noodle was with me all the way. LexiNoodleCloseUp Lexi BADGE Sleepy Furries, Zoolatry

After all that excitement I felt like sleeping for 87 days, so it is good that I was entered in one of the napping events hosted by ZOOLATRY. I won a gold metal — just like everyone else. After my nap I ran errands with my Mom.

Dad was in bed reading, and Gracie was stuck to him like glue, so we left them at home.


After going to several drive-thru’s we ended up at Lowe’s. Mom forgot my leash, which meant I had to ride around in the buggy. I was her official purse guarder. At the checkout, Mom told the clerk that she had already paid for me. I think it was supposed to be a joke, ’cause the clerk smiled. I didn’t get any treats, though.

When we got home, everyone was out of bed, so I told Dad I wanted to go for a walk. We did GTM (Get The Mail), which I haven’t been able to do for a while because of my sprained knee. I was determined though. Here I should mention that we live in the neighborhood house on the hill.

Dad, are you going to wait for me?
             Dad, are you going to wait for me?

Yep, it was a good weekend, ending in a good sleep.


25 thoughts on “Lexi’s Busy Weekend

  1. Wow Lexi, you had quite an exciting weekend! My mom brings me into Home Depot sometimes and I get treats from the nice cashiers. Mom can’t fit me in the cart, so I get to walk on the leash, as long as I don’t mark my territory, if you know what I mean…

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  2. I love to shop at Lowe’s also. I always ride in the cart and watch the purse, that is my job. I find I get more treats if I leave by way of the garden department.
    Sweet William The Scot

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  3. Hi Lexi! Oh, my Gosh!!! A gold medal! Congratulations! Oh And all the other really fun stuff that happened over the weekend…oh my gosh what a good weekend you had. The most important job though is purse guarder, congratulations on a job well done. ~ nose nudges Bess, the bouncy one for the rest of the pups and kitties.

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  4. that was a super interesting weekend! congrats to the gold medal :o) I wish we had a store like lowe’s, so I could ride in a shopping cart too…. or wait… better not… they sell diy-things, right? that could be dangerous when my staff plans new diy-disasters :o)

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