Lexi the Boating Dog (2 years ago today)

Mom got another one of the nostalgic timeline pictures pop up again on her phone. I am sure your peeps get them too.  Two years ago today I was chillin’ out on and in the Tennessee River. Hmm, I wonder where my life jacket is? I bet Mom just took it off so I could dry my beautiful hair in the sun.

Lexi on boat seat

Since our boat isn’t running this summer, we have been staying inside to keep cool. How boring…

I am Lexi, the boating dog.


34 thoughts on “Lexi the Boating Dog (2 years ago today)

    1. Thanks, Shoks. If we are just sun bathing Mom doesn’t make me wear my pink polka dot life jacket. I do hate clothes. There is nothing like feeling the wind blow through my beard as I play hood ornament!


  1. You look like you really know your boating, Lexi. We aren’t very fond of being in or on the water, but love taking a walk on the beach to stay cool!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

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  2. Hi Lexi the boating dog! You look like you were having fun. I love the water too but the closest I get to the water is the bath tub. Maybe someday My Greg or My Jon ( one of the big people in our family) will take me fishing when they go. ~this is Bonnie the bathtub loving pup.

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  3. Boating, oh I love the water but no boat here. We are kind of like up the river without even a paddle. You look like a professional yachter Lexi.
    Sweet William The Scot

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    1. Hi Sweet Wills. Yes, I have been boating since I was a little puppy and some other boater loaned Mom a puppy life vest, te he. I thought about skiing, but decided swimming was enough. 🙂


  4. That looks like such fun. Mom used to have this little SeaRay, but using it on the Great Lakes when it was windy was like being in a paint shaker she said, the swells in Lake Erie (where she lived by when she had Barkley) were really bad. That looks like a GRAND boating day you had.

    Abby Lab

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