Campaign Tuesday -Celebrity Gathering

Lassie and Eddie rang me up on their way through town, asking if there was anything they could do to help support me as a Mayoral Candy Date. We met in a private library and had a great time discussing our careers.
Lassie-Eddie books campaign

Sweet William the Scott took some time from his PAWlympics coverage to do a photo op of us all together. Thanks, Sweet Wills!

After brainstorming on the campaign for at least 87 8 minutes our stomachs all started growling at us, so we called out for pizza delivery. The delivery guy had a tennis ball on him.  So, after Lassie and Eddie finished chasing the ball and I finished off the last of the pizza, we had our strategy: A pizza for every anipal and a tennis ball with every delivery.


35 thoughts on “Campaign Tuesday -Celebrity Gathering

  1. MOL I love it Lexi!! I knew those delivery guys had something odd about them. A tennis ball on them….no wonder they get chased so often. I guess the mailman must have a red one on his head cause the neighbour dogs sure bark when they see him. Great stradegy meeting.


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  2. You got some famous friends Lexi. Eddie should be able to help you out psychologically to get those votes considering Frasier was a psychiatrist and a pizza in every dog bowl promise would go a long way.
    Sweet William The Scot

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