Hospital Stay Today

And Tomorrow, I am told.

I haven’t been feeling so great. I haven’t said anything ’cause I thought it would pass. Kinda’ like all my food has been passing the wrong direction at 5:00 in the morning the last two days. I not only gave it all back this morning at that hour when Mom and I both wish we were asleep, but I continued to puke at work. I haven’t been eating much, either, ’cause my tummy has been upset. I did eat some peanut butter treats and cheese last night. And lost it all this morning.

So Mom cancelled her lunch with the boss lady today and took me to the vet. First they did x-rays, just pictures, really, of my chest and neck. I got to go back and sit with Mom while Dogtor Rob looked at them (Dogtor Rob is Dogtor Karen’s husband – Dogtor Karen was out of town today.). Then I sat with the nice tech while Mommy went back and looked on the computer to compare my x-rays from May with the new ones. The big tumors on my neck aren’t bothering anything – that’s the good news. Now for the not good news: the tumors in my lung have gotten really big, too. Mom and the dogtor also looked over my blood work from May. Dogtor Rob said he wanted to steal my blood again to see what was going on, especially with liver and kidney functions. He said that could be causing me to puke.

Waiting on Mom’s lap

Mom promised she would not leave, not even to get lunch, so that made it better when the tech carried me back for the vampire to suck my blood. I waited with Mom while they processed it, or whatever it is they do. The dogtor came back in the room to show Mom the results. He said if I was a person, I would be on dialysis right now. He said they needed to keep me all day to do a “slow drip” of fluids and give me some kind of shot that makes my intestines do things like a dialysis machine would do. Weird, huh? So they take my blood and are giving me back water. What a jip.

There’s your purse Mom. Let’s make a run for it.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Mom left. That was the worst part, not being with my Mom. She came back and got me before they all went home because she insisted she wasn’t leaving me there all night. They left a needle called a catheter in my leg and have it all bandaged up with gauze so I won’t pull it out. I have been quite successful in getting sympathy by holding up and limping on that leg.  I have to go back tomorrow and have the same thing done, then they will steal more blood either tomorrow night or Saturday morning.

For tonight, Dogtor Rob sent home some new swill food called k/d for kidney diet. I think I will turn my nose up at it like I have at the i/d Mom bought yesterday. Wait, what’s that you are waving under my nose, Mom? Wait, I want some…sorry folks gotta go!


52 thoughts on “Hospital Stay Today

  1. Oh Lexi I am just getting caught up on your story. Im so sorry about your tumor on your lungs.
    I had a tumor on my paw mom was so scared but the vet removed it and I’m ok now. You will be too:) We have only just become friends & you have a lot to teach me.
    So you eat your food & rest and I will say some prayers for you. Woof your friend Nugget

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      1. Lexi, may your remaining days be full of love surrounded by the people and anipals you love the most! We are thinking of you all and will be sending all our love your way.

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  2. Lexi we have been with you with purrs and good wishes, hopes and everythin we can think of. You are our Woofie and this is not great news. We are with you so you’re never alone my Woofie friend. I don’t like to be alone either.



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  3. Oh Lexi – not so good newz this time BUTT just may-b that new food will take care of this latest medical issue – hmmm? Me an’mom r gonna send prayerz tue your mom AN’of course POTP tue u an’I am also sendin’u sum x-tra Beagle Arooooooooz tue help git u better real fast!
    Lady Shasta of Beaglebratz Manor

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  4. Dear Lexi – sorry you are not feeling well. Our mom doesn’t like to leave us at the vet either. When Mabel had her spay surgery the office gal said she will spend the night and mom said that is not happening, she will come home.
    Sending you and your mom pug prayers
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

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  5. Lexi… We are SOOOOOO sorry to hear that you are feeling pukey… we will send you some Strong Dachshund VIBES >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> they often help… we surely HOPE so… We will have you in our prayers…

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  6. What a bummer, L. Mom and I say prayers for you every single morning. We will say some extra ones till you’re feeling better from this setback. Don’t be afraid to stay with the doctor tomorrow. Mom will come back for you. And all our thoughts and happy, healing thoughts will be there with you the whole time. Medicine is amazing.

    Love and licks,

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    1. Mom says I have gotten clingy and anxious when I can’t see Mom since I have been sick. She says she doesn’t mind because she loves being with me too. Anyhow, that’s what is so hard about being at the vet’s, even if I know Mom is coming back. Thank you again so much for all your prayers.


  7. Aw Lexi, we’re all thinking about you and our Margret is praying for you and Mom and Dad. By the way milk your bandaged leg for all it’s worth, We can teach you the “sad” look if you want we have it down to an art form.
    Love and nose nudges, Bonnie pup for the rest of the Pups and Kitties

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  8. Oh Lexi I am sad that the tumor in your lung has grown and that you are not doing well. It is so hard when we don’t feel well. I keep you in my prayers all the time.
    Sweet William The Scot

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