Renal Failure Update

Lexi asked me to update all her friends in Blogville as to her condition while she is at the vet’s this morning getting another – and possibly final – kidney treatment.

After her second treatment yesterday, more b/w was done. Her kidneys are responding somewhat. But not enough. The vet said the key is if she will eat and also keep it down. All I could get her to eat yesterday was some goat cheese we were having with supper. Her little cousin Piper was here and she perked up enough to beg at the table. All my tricks and coaxing couldn’t get her to eat anything else though. She has gotten very thin, and she has started shivering. I don’t know if it is from pain or what, but Jeff suggested that her body isn’t getting enough fuel to keep her warm.

We should know withing the next few days if she is going to recover enough from the kidney failure to continue with any kind of quality of life. Wow, this is a hard one to write. I think it will soon be time to call in her family and friends to say their last goodbyes.

I don’t have any brave Lexi or Mom pictures to show you today. I think we are both feeling pretty scared. Lexi has never been a snuggler or lap sitter, and now she wants me to hold and snuggle her most of the time. I will give her anything she wants.

I want to thank everyone so much for their prayers and support. 13 is a good, long life, and she has already lived 3 months longer than the 30 days the oncologists gave her. I am so grateful for these past three month.

Lexi or I will keep you informed. It’s almost time for me to go pick her up from the vet, where the techs all love her and where they are all doing everything possible to help her have more good time left.  So I will say good bye for now.

Amy, Lexi’s faithful servant

52 thoughts on “Renal Failure Update

    No no Lexi doggie pleeze try to get better…..noodle mee Moodle will bee lost without an mee an yur Mumma an mee Mumma an ALL yur furendss…..
    Mee iss reelly sad an Ladymum can barelee type fur thee teerss….
    LadyMum said when her Mingflower thee Merciless went inn to Renal Failure shee shivered a lot all so.
    Oh wee are goin to purr an purray our hearts out tonite!!!
    An wee send our luv an support to all of youss’….
    ***paw patsss*** Siddhartha Henry xxx an ((hugs)) LadyMum

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    • thank you for telling us about Mingflower shivering. That explains it. I have found that covering her with a blanket does help stop the shivering. Lexi is having a very hard time and it is almost time for her to shed this earthly body. We are just waiting for her to let us know she is ready. Love back to you and your LadyMum, Siddhartha Henry.
      Lexi’s Mom

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      • Mee I can not even find wordss to say how sorry wee are… LadyMum just keepss cryin. Shee told mee about Lexi 20 minutes ago & mee stopped playin an refused mee tuna. And mee is lyin on runner in hallway lookin so sad….LadyMum did not fink mee new what shee was sayin butt mee doess…
        An mee furry heart iss brakin……
        An yur so brave rite now Lady Amy…..
        An mee iss a big chick-hen wantin to purrtend nuffin iss wrong.
        Pleeze give Lexi mee Luv an LadyMum’ss luv an sum ***kissesss*** frum uss ok?
        An if you need to meow to LadyMum you can email her….
        ***paw kissesss*** Sad littul Purrince an his sad LadyMum

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      • Fankss Lexi gurl; yur so brave an sweet…LadyMum read mee yur cxommint an mee had mee tuna inn honor of you…
        Mee can feel yur LUV frum here…
        All mee ❤ LUV ❤ an purrayerss, Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

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  2. hello lexi its dennis the vizsla dog agin hay dada reeminded me that wen my sister the beautiful trixie wuz diagnosd last july with an aggressiv intestinal sarcoma and an aggressiv adreenal toomer she started drinking sumthing calld essiac tee she seemd to perk up kwite a bit on that and went on to spend anuther five munths with us ennyway just wanted to pass it along in kayse yoo mite want to try it!!! the web site ware she got her tee is!!! ok bye


    • Dennis, I looked on your blog to see if there was a way to email you directly but didn’t see anything. I think Lexi’s kidneys are too far gone for that tea to help. She will most likely be leaving us this week. But we appreciate the heads up on it and may use it in the future. Please thank your dada for us.

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  3. Dear, dear Lexi, we are so sorry that you are going through all of this. Mimi is praying fur you and all four of my paws are crossed. We have been furends fur only a short time but we care very muchabout you. Strength and love to you and your family.
    Louis Dog Armstrong

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  4. hello lexi its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am sorry that yoo ar feeling so poorly and send lots of tail wags that yoo wil feel better and git to stay a littel longer!!! i no that no matter wot happins yore famly wil always do wot is best for yoo!!! ok bye

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    • hello lexi its dennis the vizsla dog agin hay dada reeminded me that wen my sister the beautiful trixie wuz diagnosd last july with an aggressiv intestinal sarcoma and an aggressiv adreenal toomer she started drinking sumthing calld essiac tee she seemd to perk up kwite a bit on that and went on to spend anuther five munths with us ennyway just wanted to pass it along in kayse yoo mite want to try it!!! the web site ware she got her tee is!!! ok bye


  5. We have dealt with renal failure with Tory at the age of 6. Eating is always a good sign. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. We have grown to love all of our blogging friends. We want them to have happy and healthy lives. We will be hopeful.


  6. How heartbreaking and sad to hear this news. Yes, 13 is a long time in a dog’s age but it isn’t long at all when we think of the hole they leave behind. Prayers for her to not be in pain and for the family to make any tough decisions in the future.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


  7. Lexi and peeps mom and I have posted a POTP for you over on the POTP blog.
    We are sending you all many purrs and prayers and love
    Hugs madi your kitty friend
    PS I used your box photo from the Pawlympics…it is such a cute photo

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  8. Amy we have been awol a lot here…goodness knows i feel your fear and sadness..13 is great but as we are human we want more..always more..i know Lexi is comforted by your love..and i send my love as you deal with this …our pups are the world and when they come to their tough days we hurt so badly..i wish there was more i could say..i really do..4 months on and i cry about Forrest all the time..and fear grips me as Doc goes through his health issues…how blessed we are though to have such love that we have…all our love to you and sweet Lexi..Fozziemum xxx

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      • Oh please do hard as it was a celebration..we often do not get the chance to say farewell..which adds to the stress..we had a wonderful week..he knew he was loved and spoilt…my prayers and love are with you Bev

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  9. My Lexi,

    If there was ever a dog deserving of a miracle, it’s you. I know you’re tired, though. You’ve flight courageously these last few months. I couldn’t possibly be prouder to call you my girl.

    I love you and hope that our prayers are enough to buy you more time.

    Your guy


  10. Hey Lexi – Lady Shasta here. You due need tue b eatin’more – I know it ain’t eazy sumtimez. Whatever food your mom offerz u – eat! She lovez u lotz so I am shure she will due whatever iz best fer u.

    Mom Kim here – Amy, I can identify so well with you right now – except I never did get a definitive diagnosis of cancer in my Angel Shiloh – he left me this past March. Maybe the fact that Lexi has improved some – maybe she just needs more time.

    But I do know how rough this time is – you want to do what is best for Lexi – whatever that is. But I know too that you don’t want her to suffer – this is such a difficult time. Sending prayers for Lexi and her family and friends.

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      • Mom Kim here – I have been wondering whether to say this or not but will chance it. Like you said, you were given 30 days but so far it has been 3 months – oh what a grand time I am sure. When I was first told that Angel Shiloh supposedly had ringworm – I thought no big deal, get it cured and done with but that did not happen. He got worse – after 2 weeks I was told it was a severe bacterial infection with a suspicious painful lymph node. I should have known but I did suspect worse. Very soon increased liver problems and other worsening problems. But anyway, yes – a very difficult time – I didn’t want to say “enough” but now I wish I had of and soon Shiloh told me with his look that he had enough. It is hard to make that decision but sometimes, if we really listen and pay attention to our furry companions, they will help us make that decision and we will soon realize it was the right thing to do.

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      • Yes, I have bee watching to see if Lexi is giving me any “enough” signals. She often posted about being such a great communicator, and it is no joke. She really is. I have to stay tuned into that. I don’t want her going into it afraid, but ready.

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  11. It’s so hard, this part. Lexi is wonderful and has touched many lives with your help. You’ll always love her and that will matter. Right now all you can do is love her and live through the pain. Take care of her and yourself.

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  12. Lexi and Lexi’s Mom and Dad and friends–I am so sorry to hear this news, Lexi. I hope you are comfortable and have all your loved ones around you and that you can do all the things you liketo do.Your work friend, Martha

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  13. Lexi….As you know, Noodle isn’t the only member of our family who loves you. With that being said please know that I am praying for you and your family. Today I will pray that you can eat and for nothing to be hurting you. Lots of love, pets and ear scratches from Noodles’ Grandma


  14. So sorry to hear this… we have been there and reading about Lexi and that final decision that a family must make brings tears to my eyes. Our Lucy had renal failure and it still chokes me up when I remember her looking at me wanting me to fix it. Every moment with a pet is a precious one. Sending Lexi and her family love and prayers.

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  15. Hi Amy – I have been thinking that Lexi may just be at that time when she needs to shed that aging body and move on to wherever dogs go. She will be leaving all her aches and pains behind.
    She is immortalized in your book, and she has impacted so many people over the years that she has had a more fulfilling life than some people that I have known.
    While I sincerely hope that she has much more time with you, that may well not be the case. Remember all the wonderful moments. Remember the joy that she has brought to you. Remember the smiles that she created on other people’s faces. Remember, and celebrate, those Lexi years! She really is a very special dog!
    Take care, and you know that our thoughts are with you. Colin

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  16. Oh my friend…you are my buddy but you’re having it very rough. Wish Kali and I could help you through this but it is something you must do alone. Your mom is there and she is always a shining beacon. Our purrs, prayers and thoughts are with you and the whole family, Lexi.

    Luvs ya,

    Shoko and Kali

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  17. Amy,

    Giving you a hug and continued prayers. Including prayers for wisdom for you and the Drs. and that Lexi won’t be in pain. You are doing a wonderful job as Lexi’s faithful servant.
    Give her a cuddle for me.

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