Campaign Announcement

I, Lexi, and Noodle, my campaign running mate, are officially withdrawing from the Mayoral race as of today. My health has worsened and I am not able to continue. With much of anything. Noodle doesn’t want to run without me. He would rather spend his energies helping to take care of me. Noodle is the world’s best boyfriend.

I wish Arty and Christmas both the best of luck in November. They have truly been worthy opponents, and Blogville will be fortunate to have either one as Mayor.

I am Lexi, the schnauzer

35 thoughts on “Campaign Announcement

  1. Oh dear Lexi – I am so sorry u had tue make this most difficult d-sizion. It showed in each post u did’bout the mayoral race, how badly u wanted tue b mayor butt, an’my mom knowz this so well, one’z health can make u need tue change stuff an’due what iz best fer your well-being. Yepperz – me an’mom totally unnerstand your d-sizion. Your Noodles is such a great guy tue want tue stay by your side an’help where he can. Now u an’your mom can concentrate on duin’what iz best fer u. Me an’mom r sendin’u all the prayerz an’POTP we can.
    Lady Shasta of Beaglebratz Manor

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  2. We are sorry to see you drop out of the campaign Lexi, but we understand that the most important thing right now is cherishing your time with your family.
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel


  3. Lexi,
    I doubt you and Mom really know just how much you mean to us. You are a very special pup and we are all blessed to know you both.
    Cuddles, love and gentle nose nudges Bonnie, Belle, Bess pups and Linus and Lucy kitties. And their Margret

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  4. Lexi, we are so sorry your health has declined and of course will accept your decision to withdraw from the elction. We would like to make an announcement on behalf of the whole Election Committee. Do you have a photo you could send to us for the announcement?

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


  5. So sad you were forced to withdraw and I will miss your wonderful posts. I’m glad you have your Mom and Noodle to help you. Your walk sounded wonderful and I’m glad you felt well enough to have it with your Mom. I know it made her heart smile. Please stay as well as you can and let go when you need to. Shadow, Zari, Roxy, Kingsley and I were lucky to find you.
    POTP for you and Mom and Noodle. Becky

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  6. We think you have been such a wonderful opponent Lexi, and have brought a whole new level of honesty and love to the campaign. Please fight as hard as you can and enjoy time with your Mama and family (and Noodles)…
    Hugs, POTP and Tears…
    Arty, Dory, Jacob and Bilbo

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  7. Stepping down was a hard decision for you Lexi. We would have followed you wherever you led us my friend. We think Kismet was right…you are too honest but that’s what makes you special. Wish we were closer to help your mom cause we think she is having a very rough time. Give her some lovin’ Lexi. You are so strong…we luvs ya.

    You are Lexi…you are our Woofie friend furever.

    Shoko and Kali

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  8. Lexi, we are sad to hear this, but we understand. We are thankful that you did throw your hat into the ring earlier, or we wouldn’t have necessarily gotten to know you. You should be proud of the campaign you ran. Please take care of yourself and know Blogville is with you during this difficult time. Hugs.

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  9. Lexi my tears are running over my keyboard….I wish I could be there to hold your paw…. and I’m glad Noodle is on your side to take care of you… he sure is the BESTEST boyfriend …. Hugs to you and to your momma dear Lexi…

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