Final Children’s Therapy Visit

This summer I finished up a ten year run as a therapy dog. I have done therapy in nursing homes and in a physical rehab center; however, my favorite has been at the children’s hospital – as long as the little munchkins stayed in their beds! The last Thursday of each month, Mom would say, “Lexi, do you want to go therapize the kids today?” I felt so good doing that work that I would grin the whole time I was there. So did the kids! See for yourself…

52 thoughts on “Final Children’s Therapy Visit

  1. You have made a pawsitive difference in the world. Lexi, the world is a better place because of you. I am so sorry and so sad that you are sick!! Mimi is praying fur you and your family and all four of my paws are crossed. What a beautifur grrrl you are!
    Your furend in Vancouver,
    Louis Dog Armstrong

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  2. Me an’mom r so furry much sorry that u had tue stop sumthin’that u love duin’. Like u, my mom knowz tue well what it iz like tue hafta stop sumthin’cuz of your health. My mom werked with me an’even took me on a few vizitz fer therapy werk butt I didn’t take tue it like my bruther Shiloh did. He wuz a natural at it an’even got tue go tue the library so the kiddoz cood read tue him – he loved it an’mom loved bein’able tue share with him that way. Then when my mom started havin’so much truble with her vizion then it all stopped. Butt u did good gurl-furrend. You brought a lotta smilez an’a lotta happy mem’riez tue all thoze peepz u shared time with-
    includin’your mom.

    We r holdin’u an’your mom in our thoughtz an’prayerz an’wish only the best fer ya both. Sendin’POTP an’Beagle Arroooooooooooooz.
    Lady Shasta of Beaglebratz Manor

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    1. Mom started me as a therapy dog after the first run of the Wizard of Oz was over ’cause I got so depressed. I just didn’t understand why we were still at home at 7:00 on a Thursday night when our weekend at the theatre should have started. It was great therapy for me, too.


  3. My last two Scots did the work also and we know first hand how children perk up wen a dog comes into the room. And also how it affects their parents seeing them happy. Yep a dog transforms the mood of the whole floor. Lexi you were a diligent caring therapy dog. We keep you in our prayers.
    Sweet William The Scot

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  4. Lexi you are the bestest girl ever… how wonderful to visit the children and to listen to them and maybe you even could dry some tears…. Hugs to you, you are the helping hand on four paws for this kids…

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      1. I bet they did… it is great that you could help on that front… it is bad enough to be in a hospital far away from home and to be in pains… and to cover all that sad things just for a moment is a super fabulous thing…

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      2. Would you believe that some of the little ones actually ignored me for their cartoons or video games? What is this world coming to! They are the ones to watch out for as they get older, that’s what I think.


  5. Lexi,
    I smiled through tears as I watched the video. What an important job you had, the smiles on the kids faces say it all. You made the doctors, nurses and staff feel better too. You and Mom are very special.
    ~cuddles and hugs, Margret

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  6. You make such a difference to all of us that you touch every day, L. Therapy work is so important – especially to the little kidlings that you visited. I love how you sat so nicely on the beds. Your mom didn’t even have to hold you in the death-grip like mine does. And you weren’t even “squiggly and overexcited” like some of us accidentally are.

    Love and licks,

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  7. I am blubbing like Bev. Us aussies are supposed to be tough! I didn’t cry when I was hospitalized for a flesh eating spider bite and here I am boo hooing all over myself!
    You made a lot of people happy Lexie. ❤

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