Lexi’s Memorial Service – Recorded

For those of you who were unable to watch live this morning, here is the link to the recorded service. The sound levels are not great on this raw footage, so please bear with it. They improve a bit into it. Later, when my dear, over-worked husband has a bit of time to work on the sound, I will repost it. But for those who don’t want to wait, here it is on Vimeo:

Lexi’s Memorial Service at St. Luke UMC



Memorial Service, Live Today at 10:30 Eastern DST

Please go to the St. Luke website to watch the service live. It will later be posted on this site.

Pre-service video roll begins at 9:00 a.m. Eastern DST, the service begins at 10:30 a.m. Eastern DST. This is the same time zone as New York City and Atlanta, if that is helpful.

Many thanks to my wonderful husband for coordinating and executing much of the streaming as well as the video. Another huge thanks to Pastor Evelyn Harris who suggested we have this service. I had never heard of such a thing, and had to think about it before saying yes. And thanks to all our dear friends here and across the world, many of whom have only known Lexi through her blog, for all their love and support both during her illness and since her passing. It has truly given me strength to keep going.

Now, tune in, worship with us, and celebrate the life of one very special dog.

Piper on Loan

You know someone is your best friend when they lend you their schnauzer for a month. Yes, Piper is on loan to his heartbroken aunt and uncle until mid-October. His job is to, well, to be a schnauzer, and he is doing it quite well. He does have 12 years of practice under his collar. To keep us both busy, I have begun working with him to reinforce some fun things like heel and stay. Wouldn’t it be grand if we progressed to doing some dancing while he is here! We’ll have to see if he has the same twinkle toes as his cousin did. It’s been nice just doing routine dog things, like letting him out to do his business, feeding him, petting him, combing him and all the other normal, everyday things one does for/with their dog. It’s helping to fill some of the empty space, both within and without. Piper is looking up at me, as if to say, is it my turn to blog now, Aunt Amy? Take it away, Piper.

Hi, it’s fun to use my Angel Lexi’s blog and I am sure she wouldn’t mind. It’s been kind of strange to smell her everywhere, like on her dog bed and the rug, but not be able to find her.

Today I went to work with Aunt Amy and I could smell Lexi on the floor in her office. I licked the floor where she used to lay a lot; it helped me remember her better. I got to meet Mr. Dave, who was Lexi’s favorite person at work. He always brought her treats and talked really nice to her. I only barked at him once, then I got lots of ear scratches. He has a schnauzer, too, so I couldn’t scare him with a bark.

I was pretty good at work. Mostly. I did poop in the hallway and pee on the carpet in the pastor’s office (again). I got scolded a little, but it wasn’t bad. Aunt Amy says my cousin had years of office work experience under her collar, and doesn’t expect me to know everything right away. I am glad she understands that I am very new at this and am still learning, and I had the accidents from being a little nervous.  I wonder when I get to start doing actual office work and what it will be. Maybe I could shred papers for the church.

Next came the Big Surprise! We went out for lunch to celebrate the pastor’s birthday that was 2 months ago. These crazy humans. Hey, maybe they were waiting for me to be able to go with them!!

Come on Piper, Amy is inside paying for our lunch.

Come on Piper, Amy is inside paying for our lunch.

Who's happy to be at Aretha Frankenstein's for lunch?

Who’s happy to be at Aretha Frankenstein’s for lunch?

When Aunt Amy went inside the building – you know restaurants in the U.S. still won’t let dogs inside…what a backward country – I started to scream. Yep, I’m a screamer. So pastor took me up close to the door and I settled down waiting on Aunt Amy to come back out. When Aunt Amy came out, she took a look at where we were and said, “So, did Piper start screaming?”

Lexi’s Memorial Service Announcement

This is a memorial service announcement. As most of you know, Lexi,our talented and precocious 13-year-old miniature schnauzer, returned to her Creator on September 4 after a three month bout with cancer. She was a much-loved Church Dog at St Luke United Methodist Church in Stuart Heights, after also “working” at St. Timothy’s and St. Paul’s Episcopal Churches and the Ochs Center for Metropolitan Studies. As such, Pastor Evelyn offered to hold a service to celebrate her life. All are invited to St. Luke this Saturday (September 24) at 10:30 a.m. The service will be streamed live and also – hopefully – recorded. It will either be streamed here or on http://www.stlukechatt.org.

Many locals know Lexi from her role as Toto in three productions of Wizard of Oz. She starred in her first performance in 2006 with Kim Jackson at the Theatre Centre, with a record attendance of 7,000 over 6 weeks and 26 performances. Her last turn on the boards was the fall of 2014 in the Jonathan Humble production at the Colonnade. For 10 years she brought joy to children as a therapy dog at TC Thompson. She epitomized what Mother Teresa said – ‘Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.’

I also want to say a special thank you to Samantha and Beth for coordinating the Treats for Lexi Tribute as well as all who joined in to make it a special day. Seeing all the wonderful posts made me cry and smile, and remember once again how much she was loved by everyone.

Several people have suggested I still post on Lexi’s blog. To that end, I will still post Memory Monday’s once or twice a month, as well as special posts when one of her friends or relatives – such as Piper, Ella, Riley, and Gracie – come to visit. Piper is with us now all the way from Louisville, KY, so there will definitely be some blogging going on soon.

Wishing you continued blessings from the furry (and feathered) ones in your lives.


Riley’s Treats for Lexi

This is Riley, Lexi’s brother. I am borrowing her blog today. I had to wait for the pizza to be delivered. It took all day. And Lexi, I managed to get more than pizza bones today. Thanks, Angel sis. I said a prayer for you, too.


This is the piece I want, Dad.

This is the piece I want, Dad.


Is this it, Riley? The one for Lexi?

Is this it, Riley? The one for Lexi?


This bite's for you, little sis.

This bite’s for you, little sis.

We love you and miss you, Angel Lexi.

Piper and Ella on Treats for Lexi

Hi, I’m Piper the schnauzer and I’m Ella the boxer Mix. We are Lexi’s cousins and we stole her blog. No we didn’t, Ella, Aunt Amy is letting us use Lexi’s blog to honor her on Treats for Lexi day. 

Oh, OK. Can I have my treat first? Well, just this once, and I am going to be watching you only get one. 

I would share this treat with you, Lexi.

I would share this treat with you, Lexi.

Now it is my turn.

I love you, Lexi, and I gobble this treat for you.

I love you, Lexi, and I gobble this treat for you.

Memory Monday – Two Years Ago Today

Yep, as Lexi would have said, I’m at it again with those time-line thingies.

During September of 2014 Lexi was in rehearsal for her third run as Toto. We (Lexi and I) were working at the “church on the mountain,” as Lexi called it. From there, it was a mad 40 to 60 minute drive down the mountain, through downtown during rush hour traffic, and onto the interstate to get to the theater in North Georgia. Once we got parked, Lexi ran to the grass to relieve herself so that she didn’t have to take a break during rehearsal. Then up the ramp she ran and into the propped door, now focused and all business. This picture is of Lexi Toto hanging out with “The Piano Man” while listening to the director’s instructions to everyone.

Lexi with Piano Man

Lexi Is at Peace with her Creator

After experiencing severe seizures every hour since 4:00 a.m., Lexi made the journey back to her Creator at 10:50 this morning. A prayer from our wonderful work supervisor and friend , Pastor Evelyn Harris of St. Luke United Methodist Church:

We commend, oh Lord, into your loving care your dear servant Lexi Sandy. Receive, oh Lord, your humble servant who has touched so many lives and reflected your great love for all of your creation. We thank you for her witness in this life and for her life to come, free of pain and diseases, in communion with you and all the saints. Amen

Lexi’s Dad prepared this video in her Memory and Honor (full screen is best viewing for this):

The date and time of Lexi’s memorial service at St.Luke, Chattanooga, TN,  will be posted when available.

I cannot begin to express my affection and appreciation to everyone in this blogging community who has laughed with us and prayed with us and cried with us.

I remain, Amy, Lexi’s faithful servant.

Visitors Just for Me

Everyone has been coming by to see me, at home and at work.

My cousin Piper and my Auntie Jen were here over the weekend. I was very glad to see them. They even slept in the bed with me and Mom. We had puppy piles.  During the evening, Piper was careful to not invade my personal space, while still keeping an eye on me.  Sort of.


Piper! Wake up! You’re supposed to be visiting with me.

My peeps brother Andrew, and Jentry and The Boy came to the house and brought my brother Riley.  Everyone was so sweet and even Riley gave me a special nose touch goodbye when he left. Mom forgot to get pictures.

Now my friend Gracy has come to cheer me up, too. She is good at sharing.

It's OK, Mrs. Lexi's Mom. I told her she could.

It’s OK, Mrs. Lexi’s Mom. I told her she could.

Yesterday and today my friends at work visited. Ms. Beth brought me a Mickey D’s ice cream. I took two bites, and it was good, but that is all I wanted. My BFF Dave gave me his special Dave treats, and I took two from him this morning when he came in, and two more before he left. I just can’t say no to Dave. My Pastor Evelyn has been trying to feed me pancakes and sardines and other stuff I used to like, but none of it seems good anymore.

Tomorrow Mom plans to take me to see my other peeps brother, Adam. He will be happy to see me.

I’m not eating more than a couple of bites of food each day, and it is even getting hard to drink. I sleep most of the time, and no longer mind that Mom holds me and cuddles at night. In fact, it is strangely comforting. Mom finally stopped shoving pills down my throat. *whew*  And she stopped taking me to the vet’s, too. Mom said she is doing something called palliative care for me.

Mom’s brother-in-law sent her this article, “Will there be dogs in heaven?” Spoiler alert: The answer is No, but read the article to find a really happy ending.