Visitors Just for Me

Everyone has been coming by to see me, at home and at work.

My cousin Piper and my Auntie Jen were here over the weekend. I was very glad to see them. They even slept in the bed with me and Mom. We had puppy piles.  During the evening, Piper was careful to not invade my personal space, while still keeping an eye on me.  Sort of.

Piper! Wake up! You’re supposed to be visiting with me.

My peeps brother Andrew, and Jentry and The Boy came to the house and brought my brother Riley.  Everyone was so sweet and even Riley gave me a special nose touch goodbye when he left. Mom forgot to get pictures.

Now my friend Gracy has come to cheer me up, too. She is good at sharing.

It's OK, Mrs. Lexi's Mom. I told her she could.
It’s OK, Mrs. Lexi’s Mom. I told her she could.

Yesterday and today my friends at work visited. Ms. Beth brought me a Mickey D’s ice cream. I took two bites, and it was good, but that is all I wanted. My BFF Dave gave me his special Dave treats, and I took two from him this morning when he came in, and two more before he left. I just can’t say no to Dave. My Pastor Evelyn has been trying to feed me pancakes and sardines and other stuff I used to like, but none of it seems good anymore.

Tomorrow Mom plans to take me to see my other peeps brother, Adam. He will be happy to see me.

I’m not eating more than a couple of bites of food each day, and it is even getting hard to drink. I sleep most of the time, and no longer mind that Mom holds me and cuddles at night. In fact, it is strangely comforting. Mom finally stopped shoving pills down my throat. *whew*  And she stopped taking me to the vet’s, too. Mom said she is doing something called palliative care for me.

Mom’s brother-in-law sent her this article, “Will there be dogs in heaven?” Spoiler alert: The answer is No, but read the article to find a really happy ending.





39 thoughts on “Visitors Just for Me

  1. We wish that we could come to visit you. You are really loved by so many people and animals. At least you are enjoying your treats. Mom is having a hard time typing. Stay strong for your family. They love you very much. In our prayers.LOVE

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  2. Deer precious LEXI: mee has to say this….because it needs to bee said….inn case of….well you know what mee meensss.
    You have been a grate fruends to mee an like a SISFUR!! Mee adoress you more than you could know an LadyMum sayss you have a littul place inn thee rite part of her heart fur you an it will remain there fur efurr.
    Wee want you to know wee LUV you with all our heartss an wee are there inn spirit with you. Yur furamillee an furendss are pawsum to come an visit…butt then you are so ‘pup-ular’ an wunderfull…..
    Bless you sweet Lexi now an fur evfurr……
    ***paw kissesss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx an gentull {{{hugs}}} LadyMum

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    1. We know this was very hard for you to write…thank you for pouring out your love. Mommy said my Pastor Evelyn where I work wants to do a Memorial Service later on for me, right there in the church, and have an obit in the paper and everything. Everyone will be invited. Doesn’t that sound great?

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    1. Yes, Mom told me the same thing and that my sisters Lily and Ivy will meet me when I get there and show me around. She said that for me, it will be like a blink of an eye before we are all together again.


  3. We are sending love and cuddles your way, Lexi. You have such a loving family, and we’re glad you are spending time with them rather than at the vet!

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    1. Yes. Last saw her last person to visit today. I have told her it’s ok to go, that she doesn’t have to stay for me, that I will be alright and see her again some day. She still doesn’t seem ready, though.


  4. Hi Lexi – wish mom an’me cood come an’vizit – u eat whatever u can, yes – due thingz your way. Your mom iz furry much a dear lady an’my mom sez your mom iz bein’strong. My mom haz a furry good idea of what your mom iz feelin’rite now an’sendz her prayerz fer strength an’many hugz. I am sendin’u lotza POTP fer the best life can due fer u now.
    Lady Shasta of Beaglebratz Manor

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  5. I’m so sorry it’s getting to this but you are doing the absolute best for Lexi. If you ever just need to talk, vent, or cry, send me your phone # in n “do not post” comment and I’ll call you. Hugs my friend and pats of comfort for dear sweet Lexi.

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  6. Sounds like you’re enjoying your days as best you can, L. That’s a very doggie thing to do. I think your mom is part doggie because she is savoring her time with you and helping everybody who loves you to do the same. Including your bloggie friends. Thank her for updating us. I have a feeling it’s tougher than she makes it out to be. She deserves an extra slobber-kiss.

    Love and licks,

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  7. Lexi sweet pup,
    enjoy your company. Otherwise just rest and cuddle with mom.
    Love, hugs and cuddles to you and mom.
    ~ Mrs. Margret, the girls and Linus.

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  8. Lexi, I’m glad you’ve had the opportunity to enjoy time with a lot of your friends and family this week. Because we don’t have a definite answer if our animals will be in heaven, I wonder what really happens, but I think that maybe they have somewhere to live on.

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