Lexi Is at Peace with her Creator

After experiencing severe seizures every hour since 4:00 a.m., Lexi made the journey back to her Creator at 10:50 this morning. A prayer from our wonderful work supervisor and friend , Pastor Evelyn Harris of St. Luke United Methodist Church:

We commend, oh Lord, into your loving care your dear servant Lexi Sandy. Receive, oh Lord, your humble servant who has touched so many lives and reflected your great love for all of your creation. We thank you for her witness in this life and for her life to come, free of pain and diseases, in communion with you and all the saints. Amen

Lexi’s Dad prepared this video in her Memory and Honor (full screen is best viewing for this):

The date and time of Lexi’s memorial service at St.Luke, Chattanooga, TN,  will be posted when available.

I cannot begin to express my affection and appreciation to everyone in this blogging community who has laughed with us and prayed with us and cried with us.

I remain, Amy, Lexi’s faithful servant.

132 thoughts on “Lexi Is at Peace with her Creator

  1. We are so sorry to hear that Lexi has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. What a beautiful tribute video that was. She really had a full life although we never think our pets are with us long enough.

    Millie & Walter

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  2. Yes, you have been good friends to me and Lexi. It feels like she is still here, just in the other room. Reality hasn’t set in yet.


  3. Thank you Sweet Wills. Joy is what she was sent to this world to give to others, and she did her job outstandingly.


  4. I don’t know if there will be hospitals to visit where Lexi is going. I think she might find a stage and audience, though.


  5. Amy i have no words..bless her heart Lexi is now at Peace from her physical pain. There is nothing worse than the loss of such love and i send my gentle ((((hugs)))) i know my Forrest will greet her with sloppy doggy kisses and wish i could be there to just sit with you and give you a real hug. Sincerest condolences from us all Bev 😢

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  6. May the blessing of light be on you – light without and light within Lexi. Though I have known you such a short time I know full well that you gave so much joy to those in need. Job well done May you rest in peace. Amy we are sending you hugs.
    Sweet William The Scot

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  7. Amy,
    My heart hurts with yours.
    She had a profound affect on those around her both in person and through her blog and Facebook page.
    I’m so happy we got to know her and you. I will miss reading her wise thoughts and comments.
    Giving you a big hug.

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  8. I haven’t known Lexi all that long but her passing has me in tears. How wonderful that so many she loved and who loved her got to say good-bye. She was evidently a very special girl. “Lexi made the journey back to her Creator” is comforting. The video is a lovely tribute to her!

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  9. Dear Amy and all of Lexi’s family…we are truly sorry to read this news. Lexi was the bravest of brave and a warrior. The thing we know for certainty is she was loved and returned love by all who knew her and she has become Heaven’s newest Angel.
    Hugs madi and mom

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  10. Words cannot describe how sad we are feeling upon reading this. We really enjoyed reading about Lexi’s adventures. Lexi will be missed by all her friends. She has surely touched our hearts. Love Nellie, Jasper, Itai and Liz (their mum)

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  11. Mom Kim here – I pray that Angel Shiloh was there to greet Angel Lexi as she arrived at the Rainbow Bridge. She truly was an all-around amazing little dog and such a great furrend to many, many people – adults and children. When my Angel Shiloh left for the Rainbow Bridge, I prayed that he would have an endless number of those to visit in the hospitals, nursing homes and libraries to visit – his love for that was the one thing he enjoyed doing the most – outside of wandering the neighborhoods on his own(unplanned)-
    I pray the same for Lexi. I pray for her to have all kinds of acting and dancing opportunities – it’s clear she loved it. Most of all, I pray for you to find peace and sunshine in your heart thinking of all the happy memories you have of Lexi and feel honored to have been able to share such a happy and loving little dog like Lexi.

    RIP dear little Lexi – now you are flying high, beyond the clouds, up to the rainbows.

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  12. Thank you. She has plenty of people and animals to guide her if she needs it. But I think she will find her way to her Creator all by herself. *sad smile*


  13. Yes, it gives us hope. Thank you for your kind voice mail. I was vacuuming. Keeping busy to try not to think.


  14. Even after crying a bucket of tears, I still don’t feel like she is really gone. We were inseparable for so many years.


  15. We are sending love and hugs (and more than a few tears) your way. The video is the perfect tribute to Lexi and her life of service and love. We are happy to have had the privilege to have met such a wonderful girl, and only wish we would have met sooner.
    Run free sweet Lexi
    Mama Beth, Arty, Dory, Jakey & Bilbo

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  16. Lexi, I will see you again at the Rainbow Bridge along with my Waggy and Zoey and all my other furry family members. Your friend, Martha

    Sent from my iPhone


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  17. We are devastated! Yes, we knew Lexi’s passing was inevitable but somehow….We cannot hit *like* cause we don’t like it. She is with us always. What a role model she was to all. Her acting, her book, her work at the church and her work as a therapy dog bringing so much happiness to others. This happiness can’t be measured but seen in the faces of children and us older children. I could not look at the video but will when I can compose myself enough. A cuppa tea will help about now. Our hearts are with the whole family and Lexi touched so many….we all feel her passing.


    Jean, Shoko and Kali

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  18. You are right, Kismet, about the children. She must have done her job well. And I know there is one girl who she saw often waiting there for her.

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  19. There’s good news and bad news. The good news is that she’s pain and disease free. The bad news also has a good component. There are no children with disease or in pain where she is now. Kyla, take Lexi under your angel wing and show her around.

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  20. The video and prayer were perfect tributes for our beautiful girl. RIP, Sweetie. You loved well and were well-loved by SO many. Prayers from Mom and me for your family to recover from this loss. You all inspired us with your courage. Run free till we meet again. xoxo

    Love and licks,

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  21. Oh, dear Noodle. Yes, I know where to find you, and some day I will, when you are least expecting me. Love to Lexi’s guy and his family.

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  22. Dear Mrs. Lexi’s Mom,

    The video tribute was so beautiful. I was trying to be very strong and it was sort of working until I saw the picture of us dancing. Thank you for sharing Lexi with me and all of the blogging community. Our lives are all better having known her (and you). She fought very hard and was the bravest girl in the world. I think she learned a thing or two from the kids she’d helped.

    Today is a very sad day. I wish I were there to give you real ear licks. Mom says they’re magical.

    I have to go now. I need some time to process this. If you need me, you know where to find me.

    Love always,
    Lexi’s guy

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  23. We are so sorry to hear this, we had no possibily to meet Lexi, but her posts were always nice to read. The prayer was beautiful and in the video is an excellent life story of a great dog, who brought so much love to this world. Lexi will always be with us, in our hearts and memories.
    Kosmo and his parents.

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  24. Hi Amy
    She is now at peace having left a legacy that exceeds many humans, even with their extended lifespans! What with her acting debut, her therapy work, her world wide exposure courtesy of Blogging, and she is even recorded for posterity in a book … she lead a very full and productive life.
    We have only known you “guys” for a relatively short time but already have many happy memories of Lexi based on your stories about her. Please accept our sincere condolences, and we will hope and pray that life without Lexi can be compensated in some small way by the many happy memories you must have from sharing yourselves with her.
    She is no doubt chilling out somewhere knowing that she had “a good run”, and is also probably hoping that her leaving is not going to cause too much extended anguish!

    RIP Lexi … you were one very special little dog.
    All the best Amy, and take care. Our thoughts are with you. Colin & Carol, and of course Ray!


  25. I also can’t hit “like” and I can barely bring myself to write through my tears. I have a lump in my throat the size of a grapefruit. I am one who didn’t meet Lexi til this year and when I watched this video my heart just broke into a million pieces. Not only was Lexi adorable, but the life that she lived, the love that she gave back to so many, her service to others who needed love and smiles are things that will never die. They will be remembered for eternity. I am confident there is a Doggy Heaven, and I am also confident that Lexi has a place of honor just for her. I wish I had known her longer but I am glad that I at least get to follow her. The video was just incredible. I don’t have the words for the depths of my sorrow……wish I could give you all hugs and just sit quietly or listen to you share more memories. I am so deeply, deeply sorry…………Lexi might have been a little dog, but the impact she made on thousands was enormous. Sending prayers, love and sympathy to all of you. Thank you for sharing Lexi with all of us (((hugs))))

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  26. Hitting the ‘like’ button seems so wrong. I’m so sorry, Amy. Lexi was a brave little pup, who brought light and smiles to loads of people. I hope tender memories of her sweet life bring you some comfort. Thinking of you. 😢


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