Piper and Ella on Treats for Lexi

Hi, I’m Piper the schnauzer and I’m Ella the boxer Mix. We are Lexi’s cousins and we stole her blog. No we didn’t, Ella, Aunt Amy is letting us use Lexi’s blog to honor her on Treats for Lexi day. 

Oh, OK. Can I have my treat first? Well, just this once, and I am going to be watching you only get one. 

I would share this treat with you, Lexi.
I would share this treat with you, Lexi.

Now it is my turn.

I love you, Lexi, and I gobble this treat for you.
I love you, Lexi, and I gobble this treat for you.

42 thoughts on “Piper and Ella on Treats for Lexi

  1. Deer Piper iss there a doggie who blogs here that you like??? Mee could make an inntro- duckshun fur you an wee can try tpo find you a boyfurend! Yur adoorabull an sweet an any doggie boy wood bee blessed to have you fur a gurlfurend…..
    Pleeze let mee know if there iss a doggie you wood like to meet an mee do thee rest ok??
    Sinseerlee, Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=
    Pee S.: you can all ways bloggie here 😉

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    1. Hi Dhartha. I would really rather have a girlfriend. Mommy kids around (at least I think she is kidding) and says I am, well, you know. But I’m not. I could show you my junk, but please just take my word for it, I am a boy. And if I am going to play kissie face, I would really rather it was with a girl dog. That’s why we always made sure Noodle knew Lexi and I were cousins, and not kissing cousins, BOL. :0 Umm, I will ask Aunt Amy to help me look around and will let you know, especially since you did such a good job for Noodle.

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      1. ***blushes deeplee***
        Pleeze furgive mee makin such a miss take. a sirtain LadyMum said you were a gurl……. (shee iss so-o embarrassed Piper!!) mew mew mew…..
        Bet Lady Amy iss laffin out loud over this ‘foe paw’ LadyMum made…..
        An mee iss here fur you Piper…..

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      2. No problem, really, especially since you hadn’t already set me up with a date! BOL! I know Piper is often used as a girl name, so that confusion happens a lot. And I meant Dharth, not Dhartha. Not used to this laptop keyboard. ~Piper

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  2. Grate fotoss Piper an Ella an luvley to meet you Ella!!!
    Lexi wood bee proud of all of us with our treetss today!!
    Wee tried to do that ‘linky’ fing butt failed so if you can, pleeze ask Lady Amy to linky us uppy ok??? Fankss an dubbull fankss fur letting us pawticipate inn this grate ‘bloggie hop’!!!
    Sendin ❤ LUV <33 uppy to Pure Land fur 'our gurl'….
    ***nose kisses*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

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      1. Fankss so-o much Piper!!! Iss grate to meet you!
        Mee an Noodle are BFF’ss an hee told mee hee wanted to ask Lexi out on a date butt was too scared….so mee said mee wood ask Phoebe out if he asked Lexi out an wee both got thee gurl of our dreemss……
        Lexi was one-of-a-kind an mee will all ways LUV her…
        ~~head rubsss~~ Siddhartha Henry ~~

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      2. Aww, I wish my Mom would make me a blog too so I could have a girlfriend. Preferably a dog. *sigh* I’m huggy and have a lot to offer. Oops, sounds like I am on a dating site…sorry! ~ Piper

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  3. Treats. Lee always got her Scots a bought birthday cake on their birthdays. Her last Scot got his early by a week because he had osteosarcoma and his pain was overtaking his pain meds. Lee picked up his ashes on what would have been his birthday and brought them home.
    You can never give your pets enough. I am glad Lexi is be honored.
    Sweet William The Scot

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    1. I followed the link, and precious Doc, I didn’t realize what he and his family are going through too. I am glad he got his favorite toast treat. My Mom used to give Lexi her morning toast with black raspberry jam. I bought Mom some apple jelly to use on Lexi’s toast since it cost so much less. Next thing I knew, Mom was eating the toast with the apple jelly and giving the “good stuff” to Lexi because “Lexi liked it better.” They sure did love each other.


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