24 thoughts on “Light

    • That amazes me, to think about travelling to the outback. The only outback we have around here is a steakhouse by that name. Brave? If so, I learned a lot of that from one little schnauzer.

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  1. Inspiring message! It’s odd, today I’ve had so many reminders of Lexi in my life. I saw someone carrying a tote bag with two red slippers on it. I’ve seen somebody wearing a Wizard of Oz tee shirt, and of course every time Lexi comes to mind. I’ve also seen Schnauzers walking by. I guess there are little reminders of Lexi everywhere that prove in a way she’s still with us.

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    • Yes, the universe has a way of doing that… After the service yesterday, someone said they would never be able to eat another apple without thinking of Lexi.


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