Eligible Bachelor


Party boy!

Eligible bachelor dog looking for a hot bit… Ow! Aunt Amy, stop it. No, YOU stop it, Piper! This isn’t a dating site and you can’t use that kind of language on this blog. I m going to have to change my password.  But Siddhartha Henry said… the good Purrince did NOT say to do this!  Start your own Craig’s List account if you want to hook up. Can I? NO! I was being sarcastic. Oh. If you really want a girlfriend, Piper, let’s go about this right. What should I do? Well, now that all the girls know you are “eligible and looking” maybe someone will show some interest. And if she is shy, she can tell Siddhartha Henry she is interested by leaving a comment on any of his posts. You know he has offered to help you like he helped Noodle. Now, why don’t you tell the sweet ladies out there about the real you?


I love my Mom. A lot. Is that enough, Aunt Amy? It’s a good start. Keep going, buddy. I am a great hugger and I love to cuddle and snuggle. I am 12 years young and like to run and play and chase squirrels and rabbits.  That’s what I meant, Piper. Let everyone know more about you. I  hate baths, but don’t mind being groomed. That’s right, sweet boy, you are the easiest dog I have ever groomed because of how good you are on the table. *smile* I also have a big heart. No, really. I have to take pills every day for it. And I am extra-sweet. Really! I have to get shots every day for it. I am very brave about getting my shots and only scream if someone forgets to let the stuff in it warm up a bit before sticking it in me. Then, it hurts a lot more. And I have been told that I am handsome, but I will let you decide that for yourself. *big grin*  Yes, I can vouch for your handsomeness, little guy. I think maybe that is enough for now.  If someone shows interest, you can ask her to go to the next Blogville event with you. But I think I should be going home soon. I won’t be here when a sweet girl answers my, er, your, er, this not-a-dating-site post. Sweet boy, that’s not how Blogville works. You won’t miss out, trust me. I love you, Aunt Amy. I love you too, Piper.


Yay! I can hardly wait!

32 thoughts on “Eligible Bachelor

  1. We are sure the right gal is out there somewhere. Unfortunately Blogville is really short on wimmen and long on the dudes! So when you see a gal who catches your eye better grab her fast! Good luck buddy!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

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  2. Mom said that you shouldn’t believe 99% of what you will find on the dating sites. The pictures might even be phony. Good luck in your quest. Shelby might be interested. She is getting over her surgery and is still a little wobbly, but an older gentleman might be better for her.

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  3. Piper, you are such a handsome boy. You have such a sweet smile, any girl would be lucky to have you for her boyfriend.
    ~ Cuddles and a hug for your Aunt Amy.

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  4. You are some looker, Piper and if we were dogs we’d love to be seen holding paws with you. Like Dharth we are cats and can only push you in the right direction. I’d say Cupcake is showing some interest and she is a knock out, so fashionable too. Talk to her Piper and see what’s shakin’ with her.


    Shoko and Kali

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    • Oh yeah, she said Hubba Hubba. And she is a terrier, too. *huge big smile* Unlike Lexi, I am cool with clothes, and a well-dressed girl, hmmm. Oh and she does therapy, too, I hear. Maybe I can get some pointers from her!


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