How my Week Turned Around by Piper

About 87 weeks ago I agreed to go home with my Aunt Amy and Uncle Jeff ’cause I knew they were sad and I wanted to help. But it’s been real hard for me. I missed my own Mom and Dad and my sis Ella so much. At Aunt Amy’s, I would sit at the top of the stairs where I know people come up from their cars and I would watch down to the driveway from the patio to see if my Mom was coming. I whined and breathed hard and refused to take my pills (they got stuck down my throat anyhow) and didn’t much feel like eating. Finally, Aunt Amy told my Mom I really needed to come back home because this was too hard on me. I really wanted to be here but I wanted my Mom to be here too.

Aunt Amy would not take me to work with her on Tuesdays because I have never liked being around little kids, and the Parents Day Out program kids come to the church on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I tried my best to go, but she still left me all alone at home. By the time she and Uncle Jeff got home last Tuesday night I was a wreck. I even had what she thinks was a little seizure from getting so worked up.

Thursday: a happy, relaxed boy

Wednesday morning finally arrived and I got to go to work. It was just me and Aunt Amy there. I was very, very  good. I got to run all over the church – except for the place where they hold the Sunday worship service – and I wasn’t nervous so I didn’t mess anywhere. I was such a wreck home alone on Tuesday and so good at work with Aunt Amy on Wednesday that she decided to “go against her better judgement” and take me on Thursday. Thursday is the day the people come in to get their food vouchers to go to the Food Bank and get their food. That opening you see behind my foot goes between Aunt Amy’s office and the volunteer office where those people come. I thought about what Lexi had told me, how she always went to them very calmly and suggested that they pet her. I thought I would give it a try with the first two ladies that came in and guess what? It worked!  So this is therapizing, the therapizing that Lexi loved to do and was so good at it. Well, I could be good at it too. In my desire to therapize, I forgot about what color people were, what they smelled like and how big or little they were. I made them feel happy and they pet me and made me feel happy. No wonder Lexi loved to do this!

In between therapizing, I ran downstairs to see what was up with all the little kids. I have a reputation of not being especially fond of little kids. I decided right then that if I could therapize people in the office, I could therapize little kids in their classrooms too. Twice Aunt Amy called me to come back upstairs. The third time that I ran down, she just said, “Well Piper, you know who is down there and you go at your own risk. Come back when you are ready.” I discovered when I went in the first classroom that the kids loved me. I mean they loved me! They were sweet with me and pet me gently. I made sure everyone was happy and then went into the second classroom. Sure enough, the same thing happened. And guess what? Lexi never did this!!  I think I finally got one up on my cousin. I even think I heard someone say that I could be the church dog!

So you think this is good? I have to tell ya’, things only got better from there. Over the weekend I went for a ride up Lookout Mountain to Rock City with Aunt Amy. On the way, she said we would see my Uncle Jeff and, 15886-1and, and my Mom!! Woohoo! I got to lead the way on the trails and sit with my Momma while we listened to the oompah band, the Wurstbrauts. Mom even helped Uncle Jeff teach polka. The only bad part was when I got tied to a chair. Momma was on the dance floor and Aunt Amy was taking pictures. All these middling size kids kept running past and it kind of scared me. I started yelling “Momma! Amy!, Momma! Amy!” My Mom finally heard me and pointed at me and Aunt Amy saved me. Whew, that was a close call.

Now I am safely and wonderfully home in Kentucky with my Mom and Dad and Ella. I miss Aunt Amy and Uncle Jeff.

I am Piper, the why-can’t-everyone-just-live-together schnauzer.

32 thoughts on “How my Week Turned Around by Piper

  1. Piper you are such a great schnauzer! You have learned so much in a short time. Lexi got through to you too. I can’t think of a better way to honour Lexi than therapizing. Perhaps now that you are back in Kentucky, your mom might take you to therapize with a small group to start.

    Lexi would be popping her furs with pride, Piper.


    Shoko and Kali

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    1. Thanks, Dory, Jakey, Arty and Bilbo. I am glad I did, too. (Although I didn’t have a choice or I would have been home the second day!)


  2. Shelby is the only one of us that ever spent a night away from our house. It was traumatic for all of us. Mom was the worst one. We understand your reaction to children. Te only yell, never speak softly. Sidney taught all of us to be leery of them. Thank you for taking care of Amy. We know that missing Lexi has been hard for her.

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    1. So maybe that means Shelby and I could go on trips like Lexi did with Noodle. A cruise kinda sounds like fun. Hmm. Please show her my picture and let me know what she says. ~ Piper


  3. Mee-you Piper wee can see Lexi lookin down on you with Luv an Admirashun inn her eyess fur you her deer Cuss-inn!! You did furabuluss mee furend!
    An as hard as it was to leave Aunty an Unccle; there iss no place like Home….
    An mee agreess with you 100% purr cent!! Why can’t all thee Hu’manss wee Luv live together an wee all bee together????? Mew mew mew…
    ***nose rubsss*** Siddhartha Henry xXxXx

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    1. I hope Lexi approves, Dharta. I think she would. I hope you don’t mind if someone contacts you saying they are interested in being my girlfriend. I think I will feel kinda bad if no one does… ~Piper

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      1. Of course Lexi iss proud of you Piper!! You ROCKED Church toe-tallee!!!
        An mee hopess sumone wantss to bee yur gurlfurend…..
        Mee knowss a few reelly cute lady doggiess….
        **nose rubsss** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

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    1. That would be super, but I don’t think my Mom has time to take me to do that. 😦 I will do extra therapy with her and my Dad.


  4. Gosh Piper, that was quite the exciting week! Big time kudos for following in Lexi’s paws and therapizing folks. It was nice of you to help out your Aunt Amy but Sam and I are happy you are home with your mama. Be a good boy and soon you’ll have tons of girls swooning over you and you won’t have to place any online ads for a girlfriend. 😉


    1. Do you really think so, Ms. Monika? Well, you did find your special guy when you had almost given up, so maybe there is hope for me, too, right? ~Piper

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  5. Hi Piper, Yes, it would be nice if everyone lived closer together. What a great job you did while visiting with your Aunt Amy and Uncle Jeff. You know you therapized them as well as the kids and grownups at church. Lexie would have been very proud of you.
    love and cuddles ~ Margret

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  6. Oh Piper! I so agree with you. I also wish everyone – I mean EVERYONE we loved could live together! We would never have to miss anyone. You did amazing at church. Our Lexi had lots more practice, but you stepped right in to help. As a seasoned therapy doggie, it sounds like you did a great job of bringing smiles.

    Love and licks,

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  7. glad you were rescued at the last minute!!! yay!!! screaming kids scare me too… I always think that it is my fault when they scream and that I did something wrong, even when I’m not close to the screaming folks… I better avoid them. I’m so happy with you that you worked so well with the two ladies, I bet they enjoyed to pet you as much as you enjoyed the petting :o)

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    1. Oh yes. Aunt Amy thought they were going to try to take me home with them, so she clipped my leash to my collar and took me outside to walk around and, well, you know. It kept me from disappearing! ~ Piper


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